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    Tuesday, April 5, 2016

    The Rantings of a Mad Man

    Why does the LGBTQ lobby insist in bashing the religious whenever they trot out their "equal rights" memes?

    The Constitution guarantees equal rights under the law for all Americans. Then, the SCOTUS added a right of "dignity" to justify same-sex marriage across the land. It would have happened anyway, state-by-state, but ok, they cut to the chase. 

    We were told by this lobby that was all they wanted - the right to marry and most of us were just fine with that and really saw this as a great opportunity to remove the state's monopoly on the marriage business. After all, why should some county clerk be the person who approves of my marriage?

    But, as so often happens with the Left, they lied. 

    They're interested in marriage equality, to be sure, but a good number of this lobby seem interested in retribution.

    Even the mildest of attempts to provide legal protections to the religious - in Indiana, NC, Georgia were either  watered down to useless or defeated altogether because just making it illegal for states to deny marriage to same sex couples isn't enough. Church's must allow their clergy to officiate, they must allow their property to be used in these ceremonies, or risk fines, jail time, or greater monetary damages at the hands of the police power of the state.

    I unfriended someone yesterday because a post on her timeline equated the religious to nazi's. This is the nature of debate with doctrinaire liberals. You'd think after 25 years of engaging them, I'd just laugh when the Nazi comparisons start. Want to see modern day Nazi's? Just travel to the Middle East and see what they do with women and gays.  Oh wait, the unfollowed one did this and came back impressed at how much the Saudi's respect women! By cracky, they keep them separated from men and veiled to protect them. Listen, honey, I didn't comment then, but that is serious Kool-Aid right there. The person who believes this is a huge gay rights person here, in the safety of her Constitutionally protected free speech zone. Call me when you or your brother are defending gay rights in Iran, ok? That's when I'll remove my block. 

    But, I digress. 

    I am sick and tired of this crap from this group. You will not win over the hearts and minds of the majority of people with these hateful tactics. 

    Like Trumpkins, I am convinced you can't be reasoned with. Your hatred of religion and/or those who don't share your pieties is palpable . It disgusts me. Therefore YOU disgust me and I have no need of disgusting people. 

    Except to bash them as the Freedom hating fascists they are, or hope to be. Call it cathartic. 

    YOU need to consider that the desire for vengeance that these groups have is unhealthy for you and for this country. 

    It will be the end of us and Trump is only the first giant symptom screaming "we want our country back." He may be beaten back, because many of his natural supporters (like me) find him so unacceptable.  Unlike you liberal fascists, we don't think the answer to Fascism is our own Fascist leader. It would be ideal to return the nation to First Principles. And soon. 

    But keep down this path, and there will come a leader who is acceptable to this mass of people who are also, like me, sick and tired, and that leader may be able to seduce enough of us to win.

    Either that is going to happen or this country is simply going to divide. And the American experiment will have died with it. 

    I take no pleasure in that statement.  It saddens me that for many reasons we are seeing the end of the country.  We were the indispensable country and I am proud to have been part of it that defeated communism and freed so many across the globe from the tyranny of despots. It should be no surprise that the freest today are the former Eastern European countries, as they know best the iron fist of totalarianism.

    Sunday, April 3, 2016

    Where did some prominent journalists go to school

    Journos and schools
    Lester holt - California state university

    Scott Pelley - Texas Tech

    David Muir - Ithaca college

    Bret Baier - Depauw

    Brit Hume - Virginia

    Woodward- Yale

    Gene Roberts - classmate of my father at UNC

    Ben Bradlee - Harvard

    Carl Bernstein - Maryland

    Steve Kroft -Syracuse and Columbia 

    Lara Logan - University of Natal (S Africa)

    Morley Safer - U of Western Ontario

    Leslie Stahl - Wheaton

    Bill Whitaker - Hobart College

    Anderson Cooper - Yale

    Sanjay Gupta - Michigan

    Norah o'Donnell - Georgetown

    Charlie Rose - Duke

    Sharon Alfonsi - Mississippi

    Howard Kurtz - University of Buffalo/Columbia

    Wolf Blitzer - Buffalo/JHU

    Chuck Todd - GW

    Snuffuloppulus - Columbia

    Raddatz - drop out Utah

    Brian Williams - GW (better check that)

    Fineman - Colgate (Columbia)

    O'Reilly - Marist/Boston U/Harvard

    Maddow - Stanford 

    Megyn Kelly - Syracuse

    Friedman - Minnesota

    Maureen Dowd - Catholic U

    George Will - Trinity College (Princeton)