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    Friday, December 5, 2008

    Fixing the Economy - My Plan

    Just caught a little glimpse from CNN of Obama's jobs plan. Looks a lot like typical Liberal fare. Infrastructure projects, a tax credit of some kind. Roads and bridges are good, and a necessary function of government, but, let's be serious here.

    Unless we're willing to really endure some corrections - like lots of foreclosures, and the bankruptcy of the automobile (and associated) industries, in order to lower costs structures and make these businesses competitive - we need some drastic, supply-side work done.

    If Obama really wants to jump start things - let's go with my plan:
    1. A serious and drastic cap gains tax reduction - if not 0%, how about a reduction to 5% or 7.5%. That would get some capital spending started immediately.
    2. A serious income tax reduction, not tinkering, like Obama wants to do with no changes on "the rich," but a real reduction, on the order of 30-50% on ALL taxpayers, especially those rich investors.
    3. Privatize at least a portion of social security. Get these obligations off the government's books, and get this capital into the market, where it can help spur investment.
    4. While I dont' want the automakers to fold, I do want them to restructure. Work something out that is a pseudo-Chapter 11 for them. Get real concessions from the unions who hamstring them, and get rid of their rotten management.
    5. Quickly devise a plan to get the government out of the financial industry.
    6. Repeal rotten laws like Sarbanes Oxley.
    7. Get rid of CAFE standards and some of the other mandated standards the automakers and other industries must deal with.

    The path forward needs less government, and more capitalism, not the opposite. If we continue on the tack we are on, we will wind up with 2 years of recession and a weak growth cycle.

    Drastic times call for drastic measures. Let's have some.

    Monday, December 1, 2008

    Sarah Palin Stumps for Saxby

    Today the wife, youngest daughter, and I made it over to the big Palin/Chambliss rally at the Gwinnett Arena.

    I'd estimate there were about 4000-5000 present. I guess that's not too shabby for a run-off election event. Sarah Palin is the big draw. No one would have attended without her, so it's a good idea for Chambliss to end his campaign with the biggest, most exciting attraction.

    The event, for us, was only marred, because some of the more aggressive adults pushed youngest daughter out of the way to get to Sarah for an autograph, breaking a 13 year old's heart. Some old men just gotta get close to greatness, I suspect.

    As for the speech by Sarah, it was a pretty vanilla stump speech. I can't really get past her diction and speaking style, but, the regular folks seem to lap it up, and she always has a few good applause lines. I just wish she had better speechwriters, and didn't seem to ramble on sometimes.

    I'd say 3,000-5,000 present. The AJC was there and the report is pretty accurate. Note they said about 1000 for the Martin/Ludacris event. Otherwise, she's a great draw and worth the short trip to see her.

    Here are a few action shots.

    Mom and Daughter await Sarah

    Some of the crowd



    Sarah speaking

    The back side of the arena, with the press stand.