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    Monday, January 26, 2009

    Twitter and other cool web stuff...

    Ok, I have discovered Twitter. While my Facebook introduction isn't new, my Twitter introduction is.

    In case you're not already tuned in to Twitter, it's the latest (ok, not the absolute latest, since they started a year ago) form of social networking, which basically let's you use short messages (Tweets, which are up to 140 characters, akin to the old SMS limits) to let people know what you're doing, where you are, or what you're thinking.

    You can also link your updates to your blog (look to the right). You can choose other people to follow, to see what they're thinking, doing, etc. Famous people, family, morons, you name it!

    We'll see how old it gets, as I am experimenting with Twitter now. The killer part of twitter is that you can send tweets from your cell phone, so, anytime you have an insightful thought, you don't really have to remember it to have it recorded for posterity.

    Of course, who wants all their thoughts recorded for posterity! That's the beauty, though, unless you're a complete fool, you can just record the interesting stuff!

    So, check it out, and see what all the fuss is about!

    In other news...

    This recent CIO magazine article takes a stab at predicting what the big web-technologies/sites of 2009 will be. Among their picks:
    • tv.com - owned now by CBS, it aims to compete with NBC Universal's and Fox's Hulu.com. If you're not checking out Hulu.com for some streaming video of tv shows and other stuff, you might try it. tv.com promises the same from CBS's library.
    • Qik - this one seems really cool. It's a site where you can send your cellphone video live, or archive it to the site, Facebook, or even your blog. I am going to have to check out my cellphone camera and figure out how to do this. Look for some lame video of my dogs soon!
    • Boxee - looks like they're trying to be the first out of the box to be an aggregator of on-line video. A way to organize all those online video sites.
    That should get you started!



    Navy Blue Cougar said...

    I have been watching shows on hulu.com for a little while now. I like it pretty well. I will have to give tv.com a look.

    Jay said...

    I love hulu, they have a lot of old Family Guy episodes, one of the more underrated shows ever.