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    Saturday, March 24, 2012

    Obamacare turns 2. Most hated baby ever. Legislators still stupid. As are Liberals.

    In the wake of the Sandra Fluke (rhymes with duck) - Rush Limbaugh dust-up, I heard a legislator say we couldn't give out exemptions to Obamacare to Catholic employers, because then we'd have Jehovah's Witnesses asking for exemptions because they're opposed to surgical procedures, and other employers might be opposed to some other requirements, etc, etc.

    My thought was really how out of touch with reality they must become in Washington, because my first thought was not, "how right that guy is, Washington needs to protect us," but rather "who's going to work for that guy?"

    I suppose this is the true difference between us.  My thought was the employer was all wee-wee'd up (to use the president's expression) and would struggle to hire people, and a Liberal is thinking "What can government do to force that heartless m-f to give me what I deserve."

    Sunday, March 4, 2012

    Uh Oh, first female submariners may be cheaters?

    A report has surfaced that three of the first eight female supply officers bound for King's Bay submarines are being reassigned as irregularities are investigated in travel claims they had submitted, prior to reporting to their boats.

    According to the report, "The three women are under investigation for financial misconduct, according to Submarine Forces spokeswoman Cmdr. Monica Rousselow., who confirmed the financial misconduct under investigation has to do with travel claim fraud."

    Given that these are Supply Corps officers, they honestly should know how to correctly complete travel claims and should not have any issues, so, I wonder what the problem could be.

    Probably will never be given the chance to find out, but since it's three of them, either they were involved in a conspiracy, or they are just doing something that is common practice, and it's technically against the rules, and they just got called out on it.

    Cynthia Tucker (@ctuckerprof) featured in AP Language Course

    So, my daughter brought home an assignment in her AP language course to emulate a variety of columnists.  They had to do some biographical research, analyze the writer, then pick a subject and write a "column" in that writer's style.

    I said, easy assignment.  Cynthia Tucker was on the list, so, just choose any subject, frame it as the Conservative GOP's fault, Barack Obama is the solution, and ultimately, it's all because of race.  Then, have our second grade neighbor write it.

    Instant A.