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    Tuesday, December 20, 2016

    In Case of Climate Change, Break Glass

    If you care about "Climate change" please  ensure you follow these simple instructions

    Dear liberals:

    Sunday, December 18, 2016

    Wednesday, December 14, 2016

    Russians, Meddling

    The latest whine from the Left is a rehash of one they peddled during the campaign, that the Russians had a preferred candidate in 2016, and that Trump was that candidate.

    Now they are using the report, referenced in the Washington Post, and attributed to anonymous sources, that the Intelligence Community has determined that the Russians put a finger on the election to elect Trump. 

    Reality check: The only effort we're talking about here is the hacking of the DNC emails and John  Podesta's emails, most likely by Russian hackers.  Despite John Bolton's protestations, it is likely that some Russian hackers were involved in these hacks. What is unlikely is what the Post and their anonymous sources want you to believe, that the Russians somehow favored Trump and their lack of releasing RNC emails proves that.

    Let's be clear here.  That's it.  There is no attempted hacking of voting machines, of tabulation counters, or of any outright manipulation of voting.  The question comes down to: Do you believe that the WikiLeaks revelations were enough to tip the balance from Hillary to Trump, across the 4 swing states (NC, FL, OH, IA) and the 3 "Blue Wall" states (PA, WI, MI)? 

    I said repeatedly during this cycle that this boiled down to how mad were people, and how many of them were there.  Trump did that same calculus, and guess what, it turns out, pretty mad.  And a lot of them

    The typical Liberal forces are rallying around this nonsense, from the WaPo, to the New York Times, to the Economist, to the usual players in Congress, to their media lackeys at CNN, MSNBC, and the big three networks.

    Their fantasies take two forms:
    1. Trump is diminished and his electoral victory questioned and his legitimacy reduced
    2. Electors hear the siren call and somehow decide that Trump is truly a puppet of Putin and decide to deny him 270 EVs and send this election into the House.
    Like they were with the Jill Stein recount (for which she paid ~$28k per additional Trump vote margin), they will not be satisfied with the results.

    The people who even care about these machinations are Washington insiders and political cognoscenti.  The rest of the country, and that means 95% of the people, were neither influenced by these revelations initially, and do not give a rat's patootie about them now.

    These people, who elected Trump (except for you, California) are going to be very upset should these attempts lead to any change in the electoral process in which they participated.

    Trump knows that the country doesn't care, and he is the ONE person in Washington who matters who does.  He is right to brush these off as the partisan attacks that they are.

    As usual in the Season of Trump, he is running circles around our dishonest and partisan media.

    Friday, December 9, 2016

    John Glenn & the Future of NASA

     John Glenn is dead, and Mark Steyn has a few things to say about it. You should always heed Steyn.

    I grew up in the '70s and loved everything about the space race.  For those generations who weren't alive when we were walking on the moon, they have missed what was the pinnacle of human achievement.  

    Today, NASA is more concerned with Muslim outreach and helping screw the poorest people in the world by playing politics with "climate change."  Some of us remember when NASA was about challenging us to dream big and explore the universe, when space exploration was actually their mission.

    I hope the Trump administration will return NASA to that goal, restore its former glory, and our sense of national pride and technological achievement.  An entire generation of engineers could be dissuaded from developing smart phone apps and losing money on inane internet adventures, and could instead reach for the stars.

    I hope Mark Steyn is wrong when he laments:

    'Today, when we talk about Americans boldly going where no man has gone before, we mean the ladies' bathroom. Progress."

    Biden, the Class Idiot

    Seriously, there are people who actually believe we can "stop" the climate from changing.

    This is what is wrong with you idiots.

    Thursday, December 8, 2016

    The Abortion Death Cult

    From this week's National Review:

    The French State Council recently ruled that a video featuring children with Down syndrome will not be permitted to air on French television because the children’s smiles would “disturb the conscience of women who had lawfully made different personal life choices”—in other words, seeing these children happy would upset women who had aborted children suspected of having the syndrome. The award-winning “Dear Future Mom” video shows young people with Down syndrome from around the world speaking in a variety of languages about being able to learn to write and to ride a bike, hug their mothers and go to school, earn money and live on their own. In France, 86 percent of babies who receive a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome are aborted. Why should anyone’s conscience be at risk of being disturbed over this?
    Why, indeed, in a culture of death, should we disturb anyone for their "choices."