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    Sunday, November 29, 2009

    Ditherer No More… President Moves Swiftly to Investigate Party Crashers

    Via Gateway Pundit:

    Ditherer No More… President Moves Swiftly to Investigate Party Crashers: "

    President Obama jumps into action– Orders full review of party crashers who made him look stupid.

    Jules Crittenden has the scoop:

    Decisive presidential action as O leaps into action, orders a full review of how the reality TV crashers managed to take over his party, make him look silly… We haven’t seen this kind of into-the-breach rapid response since Obama accused Sgt. Crowley of “acting stupidly.” No, make that since Obama called for the Beer Summit after he accused Sgt. Crowley of “acting stupidly.” No pussyfooting around, he wants action. It’s impressive. Very decisive. Very presidential-like.* No messing around with, “I’ll review it when I feel like it. After I review the review. No wait, I want a full review of the review of the review.” I’d call this a pretty positive development.

    More here.

    Friday, November 27, 2009

    Michael Moriarty speaks out against Law & Order; for Beck, Palin, Red Eye

    Michael Moriarty, formerly on Law & Order, was interviewed by Alicia Colon for The Irish Examiner(You can read the full piece here.)

    Mr. Moriarty, who now lives in Canada, has a lot to say about how f'd up the US has become.

    Alicia Colon (AC): If you were still with L&O would you have objected to the season opener trashing the Bush administration over torture? What is your opinion on Gitmo?

    Michael Moriarty (MM): From your description of the L & O program which I DIDN’T see, it sounds typically classic NBC. A Variety magazine article years ago described NBC as the most obedient network to governmental demands. It is now embarrassingly sycophantic. I’m not a fan of either of the Bush Presidents … but this judicial assault upon Guantanamo in a time of war that is still going on is approaching treason. Leave the suspects in Gitmo until the Islamic extremists cease and desist. Welcoming them into our country is suicidal … but then so is the entire Progressive Program for a New World Order. …

    AC: Do you think that your pro-life position on abortion makes it more difficult to find work in Hollywood?
    MM: Obviously yes … so I’m completely retired.

    AC: What made you want to run for president last year? What made you drop out?
    MM: The same passionately common sense that drives Glenn Beck is what drove me to run for President. To inject a little OBVIOUS common sense into a profoundly corrupted, two-party system. If you knew how hard that is you would admire Beck's strength even more than you might now. The title of his new book, ARGUING WITH IDIOTS, is immensely exhausting, particularly for an old man like me.
    I dropped out of the 2008 election in order to recommend another candidate, Mr. Fred Thompson, also an alumnus of Law and Order. Sarah Palin was then barely a political reality. However, when she hooked up with McCain I supported the Republican ticket entirely because of her.

    AC: What is your assessment of the Obama administration?
    MM: Beyond a disaster!! In light of what Obama swore to at the inauguration - "to uphold the Constitution of the United States" - it's a grotesque charade, a lie, a black comedy of immensely ominous implications for individual freedom in the world. Obviously Obama will be obliged to claim that at the inauguration the Chief Justice was putting words in his mouth! He never had any real obligation to uphold the silly principles contained in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights!
    All the President's so-called plans and achievements are as forbidding as Chamberlain's concessions at Munich.
    But, as we "Drunks" say, "Let go, let God!"

    AC: What do you think of Glenn Beck? Have you seen RedEye? What do you think of the grassroots tea parties?
    MM: Glenn Beck? A Godsend to America!! The Tea Parties? Long overdue! Red Eye? Very New York! Very Manhattan “Chic”! Very welcome because of its point of view: looking down on those East Coast Progressives who look down on us!!

    Thursday, November 26, 2009

    Name Change for Sleepy-Eyed Whiners. YOU decide.

    I initially started this as a reply to an ongoing feud between myself and someone calling himself "el.sid" who disapproves and thinks Sleepy-eyed Whiners is a pejorative.
    The comments are scattered all over the place, but the latest is in this thread.

    El.sid, first, the correct link to the story for those who want to read it. At least we have established that you think some self-deprecating humor, in the form of this blog's name, is somehow disrespectful to the submarine force, or shows a lack of respect from the author (me) or others for the dangers that lurk for submariners. The genesis of this was a shipmate, who, in response to the CO's assertion that we were all "steely-eyed killers" correctly pointed out that we would more accurately be described as "sleepy-eyed whiners," since that is what most of the 19-24 year old crew was. Knowing something about sailors and soldiers and airmen (not so sure about Marines), my feeling is that most of us, especially in that age group, are more about the whining than the killing. I think that's more of an American trait. Look, we like to complain about things, but, when the chips are down, we will get the job done. See the beautiful dichotomy in that? I do. I think it's great. To help you out, check out this from the Onion News Network, as they try to bring the reality of war to a generation raised on Halo:

    Those of us who spend some time here in the sublogoshere do it out of our tremendous respect for the men we served with and seek to take the silent service out of the dark, silent world it was in for much of the Cold War (and earlier). You haven't spent much time on MY blog, or on those linked to the right, if you think ANY of these people (most of them retired, but a few still surreptitiously blogging on active duty) do this out of anything other than a love and respect for what they did, and for what good, intelligent, and dedicated men still do today.

    You, my friend, have way missed the boat on that. You know, for a brief moment, I thought I'd poll this community, and see if others feel as you do, and I'd change the name if the consensus was it was disrepectful. I might still do that, if enough active sub bloggers felt that way. But, my argument remains the same. Submariners tend to be a cynical and humorous group (you, excepted). Like any group of men living in close quarters for long periods of time, at great danger to themselves (for us, it is the ever present crushing sea depths, not to mention the possibility of an actual enemy attack) they look for outlets to relieve the stress of those dangers that lurk. Every guy I worked with knew that just outside a thin strip of HY80 stood sea pressures that would quickly kill. We joked about Steinke Hoods (I think those are all gone now, replaced by an ascent system that could actually work) and how those were developed so we could assure our families there was some way we could survive an accident. Every man on my boat (and every other sub I've had the pleasure to ride, visit, or talk to friends and colleagues about) knew and understood well the dangers we faced and the importance of each man doing his job in saving the ship. I served with a Chief who survived the Bonefish fire. His tale of horror is honestly something every submariner should have to hear over and over and over. Believe me, they would approach every fire drill in a different way hearing his words.

    We're not like the surface navy, where there are damage controlmen etc, etc. On a submarine, each man could find himself "in charge" in some space with flooding, fire, or whatever other casualty you can name. The point is, el.sid, that even in the most dangerous situations, where instant death lurks constantly, you can not expect people with an ounce of humanity, to constantly be on edge, waiting for the proverbial next shoe to drop. People need and crave outlets, and they use humor to ease their fears and other emotions.

    I had no doubt that, if the time came, the absolute whiniest guy on the boat (hey, maybe that was me) would jump instantly into action in the event of a casualty and do his duty, and there would not be one word of complaint. You see, that's the beauty of the silent service, and military life in general. The ability to look around you, to laugh at the crazy bureaucracy that surrounds, the silly rules, the (seemingly) constant drills, the people who are wound perhaps one turn too tight; and yet, still know, that in a time of crisis, every one of those guys, from the one who created the stupidest rule to the one who bitched loudest about it, would, when called, rise instantly, head to his station, and do whatever was necessary and use his training and skills, to save the ship, your life, and his own. I am sorry you're offended by the title. Maybe guys don't complain anymore. Maybe the Navy has become such a utopia that they feel no need. I can't believe guys at sea for long periods of time are all rah-rah all the time. I find that impossible to believe, in fact.

    I will extend my offer. If the joke goes too far, and if enough sub bloggers who I respect (and that would be nearly all of them), side with you and tell me so, I'll consider changing it.
    How's that for a compromise?

    Wednesday, November 25, 2009

    Places to be thankful for...

    As an amateur historian (meaning I like and study history), I thought I'd share a few places that I have been that I think every American should visit to truly understand this country, and the sacrifice of the men who made this country great on this Thanksgiving holiday.  I'll close with a few places I'd like to visit and then open it to anyone to share their places to visit ideas.

    1. Gettysburg - Every American should be required to visit the battlefield at Gettysburg.  Walk the fields.  See the views from Big and Little Round Top.  Walk up to that big tree where Pickett's Charge was turned back (especially moving for someone who's heritage was on the losing side) and ponder the fate of a nation was sealed that day.  Do as I did as a kid and memorize Lincoln's short Gettysburg Address and you will be forever moved.   I first went as a 12 year old kid.  I've been back twice since as an adult, and the place never fails to make me cry like a baby.
    2. Pearl Harbor - While this one is tougher to get to for everybody, it is a must see place.  If you're military, take the Navy's private tour (vice the Park Service's, h/t Blunoz).  At a time when the free world's fate hung in the balance, this vicious attack spurred our country into action.  Freedom was saved and events that wouldn't work themselves out for another 50 years (the Cold War) were set into motion.  The Arizona memorial, like Gettysburg, is another cry your eyes out site.  It's especially difficult these days knowing how many WW2 vets we're losing every day.  These guys are national treasures.
    3. Independence Hall - The place where our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution would be forged and signed is another must see for Americans to truly get a feel for the debates and discussions that framed our country.
    4. Washington DC monuments, Capital Building and the White House - If a visit, taken within a historical frame of mind, to our nation's capital, doesn't move you to patriotic thoughts, you're not an American.  Among the memorials you must put on your list (but may be tempted to miss) - the Iwo Jima memorial, Arlington Cemetary, the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial and close-by Korean War memorial.  Walk the halls of Congress and make an effort to visit what is your house after all.
    5. The Alamo - The first four are required, this one is interesting, and demonstrates what freedom loving men are capable of achieving against long odds.  The Alamo was a loss for the Texans, but, it provided time for Sam Houston to achieve victory and has given us legends (true and untrue) that persist to this day.  
    6. Civil War/Revolutionary War Battlefields - if you live on the East Coast, you can probably, wherever you are, get to one of these in an hour's drive.  Make it a point today to commit to a visit, learn the history and take your kids.  Pack a picnic lunch.  Talk about it.
    Places I need to visit:
    1. Ground Zero - I put this in the Pearl Harbor/Gettysburg vein.  It is above all others.  I haven't been to New York in years (obviously), but this is a trip I am remiss in making.  
    2. Normandy Beach and the Cemeteries at Normandy - another one in this class of must see's.  
    3. Iwo Jima - made more famous by recent books (The excellent Flags of our Fathers) and movies, it is a place I would like to see before I die.
    Any recommendations of yours are encouraged and requested.  And, if you've been to any of these, what were your thoughts and emotions?

    Tuesday, November 24, 2009

    El Sid Stops by for a Visit. Chiefs everywhere embarrassed. I report. You decide.

    A very nice gentleman, going by the moniker el.sid2001 has made a few passing visits to Sleepyeyedwhiners.

    Since he is of such keen insight and high intellect, I thought my readers (well, both of you, if we include el.sid), might benefit from his highly honed psychological analysis.

    El.sid first replied to my post in response to a troll who decided to call all Southerners "dumb" and proceeded to write a comment so filled with grammatical errors and logic missteps that it screamed out for rebuttal.  Apparently, irony being lost on el.sid, he replied with this:

    "I have to tell you, somebody who spent 20 years in the Navy being Trident Tuff that has a blog called Sleepy Eyed Whiners of the Deep must be deeply disgruntled. Your profile says nothing of your Navy achievements, so I am guessing you retired as a 1st. However, from your anal attacks on grammer, I might even venture a guess as an officer, but not a very good one. I bet you critiqued the hell out of some fitreps though. I think you are an officer because of the way you have to feel superior to other people and the only way you can manage is with the grammer. If you are not an officer or a 1st, then I would like to call you Brother, but I can't because my first impression of you is an E7. Maybe I am wrong. I found this blog while doing research and probably won't be back. I had to create a gmail account to post this, and quite frankly, I don't even remember the password. I too, am Trident Tuff, but Pac Tuff. I have inserted several grammatical errors throughout this post. See if you can find them all. Dive, Dive."

    My reply:
    El Sid,

    Greetings to you and thanks for stopping by! Sorry you wasted your time here on this screed.
    I won't waste time on "intentional" grammatical errors. Especially if you won't be back to grade my grading.
    But, what are you, because we know you're not a 1st class, nor an officer, and maybe not an E7 (is that one of the errors you inserted?)?
    Feel free NOT to answer, as I am NOT that interested.

    I decided to add another challenge:
    Final comment to you El Sid - there is one picture on this blog where you could discern what boat(s) I served on. The fact that you think it was a Trident makes me wonder what 20 years you served and your knowledge of your own boat's class.

    Thanks for your service, but I see no need for you to denigrate mine or anyone else's for that matter.

    For some reason my gmail account didn't alert me to el.sid's reply to my reply, but I find it priceless and an advertisement for why submariners should get out more:

    "Well, Jay, I just had to come back and see how you would react and it fits. I now know you are not a Chief because you would have gotten my quip about being an E7 an my screen name should have clued in as well. The pic of the floating palace looks like a Boomer to me. I can't make out the name, but I can see where the BST goes on the port side and it looks like Kbay to me. Fast boats don't have a BST. Fast boats also ride high in the water at the bow and do not slope down like that. That is a Trident. So good try in trying to make me look like an idiot to your few followers in hopes that I would not be back, but you are quickly digging a hole for yourself. You state yourself that you are a former Boomer sailor in your profile. Fast boat guys would never abmit to being a Boomer Fag. I should have read it better last night, but your 20 years includes the reserve. I took as you did 20 years and retired, then transferred to the reserves. I can see now that is not the case. How many years did you do active? What boats have you been on? How long did it take to get your fish? What is a crank? What does being posted mean? Prove me wrong. Did you get sub disqualled cause you can't hack it? What rate were you? Nuc drop? MT? Not MT if your a SSN guy. You put the Jay in Joke. I am not sure what following you have on here, but I feel sorry for these people. I am a proud Trident Chief who has been in for only 10 years. I live, breath, eat, and sleep the Submarine way of life. If you were in my division you would get all the crap jobs because you are a S-bag. A wrinkle-neck."

    el.sid did rise to the boat picking challenge, though I don't know who he got to tell him:
    "I just realized what boat that is on your page. It is the USS Simon Bolivar SSBN-641. For your followers that don't know, SSBN refers to a Nuclear Powered Ballistic Missile Submarine. I thought it looked smaller thank an Ohio Class and that is because it is a Ben Franklin Class. You are becoming more of a joke every second."

    Not sure how the old 641 makes me MORE of a joke to el.sid than I already am.  I always thought those Trident guys were pretty wimpy, I mean, we did our own maintenance and didn't have to pay civilian contractors to fix anything.  Hell, we could even repair stuff at sea.  But, I'll wear el.sid's joke like a badge of honor. How many other guys can say they sat in the same radio room and opened the same safes as Johnny Walker (a Chief you can be proud of, el.sid) - that's quite a feather in my cap.  How many guys have that legacy? 

    Still got the port wrong (but, you're "Pac Tuff" so no expectation there).

    Anyway last night el.sid returned, and here was his comment:

    "el sid here j. did you quit on me? I figured you would have something else to say. I told a fellow submariner about you and your blog, we had quite a good laugh at your expense. A lot of people on board did (JAY: Are you not on a submarine now?  I mean, wouldn't everyone on board be a "fellow submariner?"). He pointed out that only 6 or 7 people respond to your posts. (he gives me too much credit). Another shipmate of mine also had a question: What exactly do you do with submarines in the reserve in Atlanta? Do you drive down to Kbay or up to VA? Just a thought. You also never answered me about what rate you were. We are all very curious. I told you I wouldn't remember my email password. I dont even recall the login name. I didnt take you for a quitter. How many cans can you put in the TDU? Remember j, pride runs deep. How deep is yours. Did your bubblehead become a skimmer?"

    I like this last comment from him.  I can just see el.sid and a few of his pals in the Chief's quarters, or maybe they're huddled around el.sid's PC in the off-crew office, checking out this blog.  All with these burning questions.  Funny stuff.

    Could you, instead of having all your pals comment through you, use their own computers and drive my traffic numbers up?  Help a shipmate out.

    Prediction: el.sid does not do well when women are detailed to his submarine.

    For the other 5 people who are reading what do you make of el.sid? 

    Monday, November 23, 2009

    Andrew Sullivan: Basically an Internet Troll

    Ann Althouse is taking on (sort of) Andrew Sullivan and his crusade against Sarah Palin.

    I know Sullivan won't respond to me, but Ann is on to something with dear old Andy.  Palin's finger is actually NOT on the nuclear button, and while Andy may think he's performing some important civic duty proving Sarah Palin is "clinically delusional," perhaps he could spend a little bit more time examining the "writings" of Barack Obama:

    "It's only fair. Andrew Sullivan, what if, with the same intensity and standards you've aimed at Palin, you went through the things Barack Obama has said and written?"

    Ann kills Andy.

    Sarah Palin blasted by Rick Moron (oops, Moran)

    Smitty over at The Other McCain, pens, I hope to be as smart as Rick Moran someday:

    It includes such priceless gems as:

    "Why are you such an apologist for what would likely be a full-on tyranny, had it greater competence?"

    Original Rick Moran post here.

    You know what, even certain (elistist) elements of the GOP do not get Palin and why she has mass appeal.  If there is going to be a 3rd party movement in this country (Libertarians, Conservatives, are you listening??), it is going to include Sarah Palin.  If there is going to be a GOP rebirth, it is going to include Palin.

    Better get used to it.

    Saturday, November 21, 2009

    Google Reader and other Google rants

    If this post doesn't reveal me as a screaming capitalist pig consumer, nothing ever will.

    I have some good things and some bad things to say about Google today.  First, the bad.

    I have used Google search since before it was cool (was it ever thus?).  It returned great results and the site was easy to use, uncluttered and not a sop to commercial interests.  Google remains a great place to find information, unless someone has paid to get their results at the top of certain searches.  I have noticed more and more lately that Google is clearly now using their place in the search market, and maybe it's because so many others are gaming the system (but, I bet it's Google), to place paid results at the top of searches.  I don't blame Google for trying to make money, I celebrate it, but, admit it.  Honestly, this is one reason why I have started using Microsoft's Bing much more for web research.

    2nd complaint.  Ok, Google likes to claim their motto is "Do No Evil" or some such claptrap.  Throw away the fact that they support every Liberal cause imaginable (thus, perpetrating great evil on all of us), but, they want to use that influence to force telecommunications companies to give Google's content a free ride over infrastructure paid for by Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Comcast, etc.  And, Google wants to do this at the point of a government gun (this is a little thing called Net Neutrality - I suggest you google it using some non-Google search engine).  Hey, Google, go build your own damn infrastructure and stop giving your money to Democrats!

    3rd complaint.  Gmail.  Since I use Yahoo mail mostly, and when home, I have my gmail and yahoo mail delivered to Outlook, I don't see the rottenness of gmail except when I travel, and maybe it's because it is a secondary account for me (as opposed to yahoo).  But, Google could learn something from Yahoo in terms of user interface.  I just find gmail's crappy.  Sorry.

    What do I like about Google?
    Google search is still the best for finding images and searches about music.  If anyone knows a better music search tool, do let me know.  I mean for finding obscure artists information, song names from lyrics, etc.

    Reader.  I have tried many RSS readers, and while I really prefer the RSS reader in Internet Explorer, the fact that it is PC-specific is maddening.  That's why I prefer Google Reader, which follows you everywhere, as an RSS reader should.  I can't understand how a company that makes such a good, easy-to-use tool as Google Reader can make such a crappy tool as Gmail.  I don't get it.

    Blogger.  Best purchase ever by Google, but, I haven't tried any others, so I don't speak from real experience here.

    Chrome.  Ok, best browser ever.  Best.  If you don't use Chrome, you ain't really using the Internet.

    Speaking of reader - you all should use it.Notice the "Shared Items" widget at the top right of this blog?  I can just click "Share" on anything I find of interest in my RSS feeds and boom, it makes it right over here.  You should CHECK THIS SITE DAILY and see what I'm reading.  I mean it.  YOU SHOULD ALL VISIT THIS SITE DAILY, AND STOP JUST READING THE EMAIL FEED YOU GET.



    Sarah Palin Vindication Tour

    Unless you have been sitting under a rock this week, you may have noticed that Sarah Palin has a book, Going Rogue, out this week, and has been pretty much everywhere promoting it.

    She did Oprah, Hannity, The Today Show, O'Reilly.  About the only place we haven't seen Sarah this week is MSNBC.  I guess that will be saved for her presidency.

    I admit, I don't know what to make of Sarah Palin these days.  There's a lot to like.  She's been a successful governor, she says all the right conservative things, she is willing to tweak the Republican establishment (see NY-23), and she makes the right people very angry - feminists, leftists, the Legacy Media, Keith Olbermann, she has the Obama Political Arm going after her; plus, she is an attractive woman and you can't discount that fact.

    So, what do I want Sarah to do before I can wholeheartedly get behind her for 2012?

    First, I have to admit, there is something about the way she speaks, and people have told me it's a Midwestern thing and isn't unusual.  Maybe that is part of the appeal and shouldn't be messed with.  I've listened alot this week, and she is much, much, much better than she was generally in the campaign.  I still chuckle because the way she says things just seems like she's often looking for the right words and sometimes will semi-misuse a phrase or use a phraseology that just doesn't quite fit.  But, when she's done, her point always comes across.  Someone tell me that's a good thing and is actually part of her appeal?  Does anyone know what I mean and can explain it better?  If so, please reply.

    Now, the other thing that I like about her is that she has the atheist Sally Quinn (the ultimate DC insider for the elitist party crowd - you know, the kind who sip their champagne and look down at the hoi polloi) lecturing us on Palin's Faith.

    Now, I don't know about you, but, I always find it amusing how athesists and agnostics purport to know how Christians should act.  I just love it when a Sally Quinn or Christopher Hitchens lays into Christians and starts with the hypocrite and the "Jesus wouldn't do that" nonsense.

    I just have to shake my head, because, they just don't get the core of Christianity, especially as practiced by most Americans.  They really don't.  These people need our prayers, and it was especially painful this week seeing Bill O'Reilly take poor old dumb Sally Quinn to the woodshed on this.

    Read a couple of other posts about this, then watch the O'Reilly video:

    O'Reilly v. Quinn, watch this:

    BTW - is Sally Quinn getting a kickback from Rick Warren?

    Sally Quinn - Just Shut Up.

    Saturday, November 14, 2009

    Barack. Hussein. Obama. Worst. President. Ever. (and most dangerous?)

    Readers know I am no fan of the socialist, perhaps Marxist, President Barack H. Obama.

    But, previous to this week, I thought he was just a committed socialist and lightweight intellectual, who was in over his head and advised by a bunch of Chicago thugs.  THAT, I figured we could endure, as our worst enemy in this 4 year lurch to the Left would be the administration's incompetence.  Figuring that we lived through Jimmy Carter (and he delivered us Ronald Reagan), I imagined we could pretty much endure anything (we also survived the Andrew Johnson presidency) in this great nation of ours.

    That was until the events of the last week.

    Leading up to Fort Hood, we have Obama "dithering" to use the phrase of the moment, on whether to listen to his Obama-appointed Commander in Afghanistan,General Stanley McChrystal, and supply him with the troops he requested to carry out the mission (counterinsurgency) that this administration chose as the best path in the Spring.  Get that - BHO's appointed guy, BHO's chosen strategy?  Now he needs to think some more about it, since the stark reality of executing that strategy might not be particularly appealing to Obama's core constituency (the Moveon.org Left).  And this group has the nerve to lecture anyone about "political posturing."

    The Fort Hood shooting is the first successful act of terrorism (Islamic or otherwise) to occur on our soil since 9/11.  Comparing BHO's response to this to GWB's response to 9/11 is a night and day difference.  BHO gave us this response (re-read my post of last Friday) and continues to exhort this nation not to jump to any conclusions, or for Congress to investigate, until the Army has completed its investigation.  Please, Mr. President, call this out (as you like to say) for what it is.  Single gunman, conspiracy, whatever, it is an attack on American servicemen and women, on Americam soil, by an Islamofascist, in the name of Islam, justified by  Imam's and Islamic religious leaders who are not THAT far out of the mainstream of Islamic thought.  IT IS TERRORISM, AND IT HAPPENED ON YOUR WATCH, AND YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE ULTIMATELY FOR IT.  ADMIT IT AND DEAL WITH IT.

    In the week that followed Fort Hood, while the president continues to "dither" on Afghanistan, and refuses to call Fort Hood what it was, he and his crooked Attorney General, Eric "I Let Mark Rich, the FALN, and other criminals, thugs, and murderers go" Holder, determined that bringing Khalid Sheik Muhammad (KSM, the mastermind of 9/11) and the other 9/11 conspirators to civilian criminal trial in New York City, vice a military tribunal in Gitmo, was the way this heinous terrorist and illegal combatant would be tried.  With the full force and faith if the US Constitution and the best lawyers money can buy.  Yet, Holder virtually guaranteed a conviction, basically saying, we are going to put NYC at risk, give these idiots a period of time where they can have a soapbox to rail against the West, all for what, a sham conviction that leads to life in prison?

    What Holder and Obama are doing here is, in my opinion, a disastrous policy that borders on treasonous and makes Obama the Worst. President. Ever.

    Read what some others think:

    House Health Care Bill - how bad policy is made

    The House of Representatives gave us a textbook example of why elected representatives should not be allowed to make laws.

    In order to pass this crap legislation this weekend, under cover of darkness without the 72 hours of "transparency" promised by Speaker Pelosi (as if anyone believes her promises), the Democrat leadership had to buy off a variety of interest groups, chief among them:

    • The AMA - who got a promise not to enforce previous years plans to reduce payments to doctors under Medicare.  This was desired by the AMA's board, even as doctors oppose the plan.
    • AARP - the Liberal AARP, desirous to regain it's near monopoly on Medi-Gap coverage, got the Dems to eviscerate Medicare Advantage, a popular, cost-effective, and free-market program that, unfortunately for seniors, took market away from AARP.
    • Insurers - ok, for those who think insurers are losers, in this plan, they are BIG winners.  If you're an enemy of insurers, guess what - you lost.  The industry gets 30M new customers, guaranteed to purchase more insurance than they need (by the Feds mandating minimum procedural coverages), and, enforced at the tip of a sword by your federal government.  Name any other private (now semi-private) industry that can count on the Feds to force consumers to buy their products?  Think insurers are worried about having to cover pre-existing conditions? Ha!  Joke's on you, Comrade.
      Those pre-existing conditions make insurance more expensive, as those with them are more expensive to insure.  So, the insurance companies get those new customers, they get them buy plans with coverage they don't need, and won't use, and to pay more for it.  The already insured will see their costs go up as well.  This has only 2 outcomes.  Neither is pretty.  Either the market collapses due to excessive costs and insurers go out of business because they can't get the government to approve higher rates, and the default becomes the "government option," or, the government, unwilling to go the "government option" route, approves those higher rates.
      It really doesn't matter at that point whether you're insured by the government plan, or a "private" insurer.  You're going to be paying more, and certainly getting less.
    Other likely winners:
    • Unions.  Unions will end up with some kind of opt-out exclusion, or their "cadillac" plans will be exempted (probably through some collectively-bargained benefits loophole).
    • Federal Employees - will certainly NOT be covered under the plan, and this will include Congress.
    • Everyone else.

    But, hey, we'll have universal health care.

    Saturday, November 7, 2009

    Paul Johnson is the best coach in Georgia. Period. (And other College FB thoughts).


    In case you missed it, Georgia Tech defeated Wake Forest in overtime today 30-27.

    Besides the usual amount of ground yardage (~450), Tech struggled to score and Wake did a good job making sure Tech was always starting on the Tech side of the field.  Despite a fairly rotten performance from the pass defense (typical), Tech managed a 24-24 tie after holding Wake to zero points for nearly 25 minutes of the 2nd half.  CPJ went for it on 4th down 4 times during the game, and you can usually count on Tech making it about 75% of the time.  Today, they were 0 for 4 in regulation.

    Did that deter CPJ, after Wake had scored first with a field goal in the first overtime, from going for it again on 4th and 1 at the Wake 4 yard line, when he could have kicked a chip shot field goal and tied it back up and played a 2nd OT?

    Of course not, because Paul Johnson has balls of steel and figured “If we can’t get half a yard, we don’t deserve to win.”  Mark Bradley reports.

    So, on 4th and 1, stud QB Josh Nesbitt sneaked the 1 yard, and scored on the subsequent play, giving Tech the win, and securing our 7th straight.  With losses by one-loss teams Oregon and LSU ahead of us, and Penn State behind, and Iowa losing, Tech is sure to move up in the BCS rankings (though I doubt we get further than 7th).

    In ACC play tonight, Clemson and FSU are fighting for FSU's final chance to sneak back into the Atlantic Division race, while Clemson can keep pace with Boston College in their Atlantic Division race (they're tied, but Clemson holds the tie-breaker over BC).  With a loss, BC holds their destiny in their hands, and I'd much rather play BC in the ACC Championship Game, since it would be nice to play someone different, and Clemson is playing well right now and they are better than their record indicates, and, they would like to avenge their loss to us about 2 months ago now.

    So, go 'Noles!

    In other college football thoughts:

    • Navy beat Notre Dame (again!), 23-21 (and it wasn't THAT close).  GO Navy!  Got to love that high school offense these schools play...
    • I have been impressed by the use of instant replay in college football this season.  Most of the time, it vindicates the referees and shows how often they get the calls right.  I also think the college game (as opposed to the pro game), where the calls are not reviewed subject to a coach's challenge, but, whenever the officials think necessary, is better. The officials all seem to have taken the approach that they can make the call that will lead to a replay, then, if they are wrong, the replay official will set it straight.  Like I said, they are usually getting them right.  Sometimes, rather than make a quick call, you can tell they are spending some time processing what they have just seen, make a call, then let the replay official sort it out.  I know it disrupts the flow of the game, but, now that we're used to it, I think it works.  
    Anyway, FSU is now up 17-14.  Ugh.  

    Friday, November 6, 2009

    Religon of Peace Strikes Again

    Yesterday, the Religion of Peace demonstrated, via its agent, Nidal Malik Hasan, that it is willing to murder more Americans on American soil to achieve their goal of a global caliphate and make sure all you Liberal womyn are wearing burkhas and educated in dark closets.

    Of less outrage to me, is President Obama's "statement" on this yesterday.  He was at some conference on some government-run something or other and I guess decided, 2 minutes into his obviously prepared (and prompted?) remarks to make a statement about the Fort Hood act of war.

    I mean come on, you're the President!  What would it have hurt to make the short statement at the beginning, when you came out, then go into your prepared love speech to whatever interest group is sucking up to you today?

    See the video, it's 2 minutes into it, and his "shout out" (I really could do without my President "shouting out.") to the Indian Medal Of Honor winner is not even right, the guy won the Medal of Freedom (from BHO, no less).  All they show, of course, on the Legacy Media, is the clip starting with the Fort Hood statement, doing, as usual, their best to make this guy look like he really gives a crap about the United States of America.  Hey, why not just issue an apology right there, Obama?  Add an admonishment to not hold this against those Islamofascists who just want to practice their religion in peace (or, er, amongst pieces of chopped up bodies   of Infidels).  I wonder, if Nadal Malik Hasan were a pro-life nutcase who walked into an abortion mill and started targeting doctors and nurses, we'd know all about his religion, his church, his pastor's teachings, and George W. Bush would be crucified along with him for creating the culture of death.

    Where do Muslims stand on abortion?  Because, if we can start everyone of these newscasts with Anti-abortion, Islamofascists Abdullah Abdullah Muhammad Rosannah Dannah, then maybe we can get the Legacy Media and Leftists to agree to fight these bastards wherever they roam.  

    Anyway, here is the Apologizer-in-Chief's statement, IN ITS ENTIRETY AND IN CONTEXT.  You go Chief Joe!

    I mean really?

    Moonbattery (caution, comments section is very anti-Obama) has other thoughts as well, all poignant and relevant.  The more I see of BHO, the more I am convinced of his detachment from any sort of reality, and the utter incompetence of this man.

    How do you Statists feel knowing that Rham Emanuel is running the White House while Nancy Pelosi plays shadow PM while Harry Reid plays Court Jester (or, is that Uncle Fester?).

    Tuesday, November 3, 2009

    Updated: Conservatism: Reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated

    Tonight's election results return Virginia firmly to its red state status.  The three highest state offices have been won by Republicans, and, not just won, but in decisive fashion.

    In New Jersey, the Republican candidate stands a real chance of winning in the most blue of blue states.

    In the NY-23 Congressional district, a Democrat posing as a Republican was forced to quit the race and the likely victor in a traditional Republican (not conservative) district will be the Conservative Party candidate.
    UPDATE: Not.  Hoffman couldn't overcome the odds and the D candidate and now interim Congressman eked out a close victory.  Can't win them all.  Still a win for conservatives in sending a message to the GOP to not nominate Democrats.

    We can already divine the winners and losers tonight:


    • Tea Partiers - forcing Dede Scozzfava out of the NY-23 race, and the election of Doug Hoffman is the largest victory for this grassroots movement opposing intrusive government and high taxes.
    • Sarah Palin - Sorry all you haters out there.  Palin was quick to jump on the Hoffman train, and may have been the force that pushed Dede out.
    • Rush Limbaugh - like Sarah Palin, Rush has provided the spark behind the anti-big government movement
    • New Jerseyites - if Christie wins, they get a chance (a chance) to reclaim their state and remove the onerous policies of John Corzine. 
    • Barack Obama - if Corzine pulls out a victory in NJ, Obama will claim victory.  It will be pyrrhic.  He's the big loser tonight, regardless.  Swings in Virginia and NJ are from 10-25 points against Obama.  This is coming largely from INDEPENDENT voters, not Republicans.  In NJ, CNN's exit polls show the 28% of NJ independents voting 58% to 31% for Christie.  In Virginia, independents went for McDonnell at a 65% clip.  The bloom is off the Obama rose.
    • Blue Dog Democrats - they will be losers if they don't correctly interpret the results of these races.  People are sick and tired of the endless expansion of government.  They didn't like it when Bush did it, they expected Obama to reverse that course (all hopey and changey), and the especially don't like the bait and switch they were handed in the last 9 months.
    • Health Care Reform - Big loser.
    • New Jerseyites - If Corzine wins, they get to spend another few years with the most incompetent governor in the nation.  
    So, we'll wait and see what happens with the NJ and NY-23 races.

    If Dems can steal these elections, they will.