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    Monday, May 14, 2012

    Obama, the first gay president

    If you stop by the Drudge Report, you'll see that Tina Brown over at Newsweek is putting BamBam on the cover of that failing mag (again) this time as "The First Gay President" complete with the rainbow halo.

    I guess it wasn't enough to be the first (half) black president,he needs to add another trailblazing title to his purse.

    We all knew in 2008 that Obama's opposition to gay marriage was part of an attempt to conceal his contempt for middle America and that he would eventually reveal his true liberal beliefs. This should come as no surprise. What is surprising is that it came out prior to November. He (and we) owe Joe Biden a debt of gratitude for this.

    This is Obama's long-held position. If you didn't know it in 2008, you were duped. His failure to reverse the stately position until now, though, had enabled him to continue the farce with some of those voters for whom these issues mean something, but was killing him with a committed part of the Leftist base. And that part wields serious money. With Romney and the RNC able to bring big money to the 2012 election and an energized, anti-Obama base, he needs the support of his gay marriage friends.

    Now, he'll get some of that.

    The country is opposed to the widespread adoption of a legal definition of marriage as including same sex couples. Most see it rightly as biologically nonsensical and morally they have issues with it.

    Even in California, when put on the ballot, marriage amendments which define it as man/woman have passed. So, Obama is against the public here.

    As for me, I can make an argument that the state has an interest in marriage. That has been the traditional rationale for tax laws that favor married couples and children. But, I would like to ask, as Herman Cain used to, "How's that working' out for ya?"

    It's not. It convolutes the tax code and it gives the government entry into a part of our lives it should stay out of.

    So, rather than having the powerful state attempt to legislate these personal issues, let's remove the state from it. If gay people want to get married, why do they need state sanction for it? And let's change the tax code to remove the special privileges we give married couples by going to a consumption based system.

    The state really has used the tax code to push morality and play favorites over the years and if we remove that power from it, we'll find these social/libertarian issues will be much simpler for our legislators to deal with.

    Wednesday, May 9, 2012

    Obama Loves Big Oil?

    The one is trying to tell us in a recent campaign ad that he's responsible for the oil imports dropping below 50%.

    While it is true that we are below 50% for the first time in years, let me remind that it does take time for oil production to ramp up. As a matter of fact, aent Liberals always telling us we can't drill now to cut oil prices, because it will take "5 years" before it gets out of the ground.

    If we stipulate that's true, then who was president 5 years ago?


    George W. Bush.

    So, Barack Obama owes this pyrrhic success to W.

    Now, lets explore the truth about this administration's record on increasing domestic oil production:

    1. They ceased production off shore after the BP spill and caused many deep water rigs to deploy elsewhere. Permitting was stopped. They devastated Gulf Coast production.
    2. They have cut way back on permitting for production on Federal lands. As much as 60%.
    3. They refused to license the Keystone XL pipeline, which will bring cheap Canadian oil to US refineries.
    4. They have waged a war on coal and hydraulic fracturing, effectively attempting to keep our plentiful supplies of cheap, affordable energy (coal and natural gas) out of the market.
    5. They have wasted billions of dollars on dubious clean energy "investments" like Solyndra and Fisker Automotive.

    While this SCFOAMF is trying to tell us that he's responsible for the decrease in oil imports, remember, George Bush did that, while this man is trying to turn us into a pauper country to suit his friends in the fake green energy sector.

    Crony capitalism/Fascism takes many forms. This president is Mussolini redux.

    Re-elect him and enjoy being France.