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    Thursday, August 11, 2016

    Bad Times for Trump

    It's been a month since I posted here, and a lot has changed.

    Last month, Trump was leading in the polls, and since then, we've had the joke of an RNC, where the winner is working out to have been Ted Cruz for his prescient non-endorsement of Trump (the gall! Asking people to vote their conscience) and John Kasich, for staying away and withholding his endorsement of Trump.

    Now, Hillary has opened a wide lead nationally and in several of the important swing states.  She's even competitive here in Georgia and in Utah.

    I've been back and forth over and over on Trump, but I am getting more firmly in the #nevertrump camp.  I refuse to be as strident as some, but, the week he spent on the Khan's and now his stupid off-the-cuff remarks about "Second Amendment People" have convinced me that the #nevertrump crowd has a seriously solid argument.

    I've said somewhere that Trump is a caricature of a conservative, and Ben Shapiro captures this in this article this week.

    As a committed conservative, I have to ask myself - is conservatism, and as such, the country, better off with 4 years of Hillary, in opposition, or 4 years of Trump, having to explain and defend what this idiot does to our ideology, which is what is right for America.

    On these points, I am with those who oppose Trump.  We can draw stark contrasts with Hillary, and we can use her unpopularity to consolidate gains in the senate and house during what is going to be a corruption filled Hillary administration.

    But, you might say, the Supreme Court.

    Here's the problem with that.  Even if Trump wins, the GOP is unlikely to get a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.  That means the Dems will oppose any of the nominees on "the list."

    Trump is likely to fold at the first threat of a filibuster, and yes, seek a stealth candidate who will likely end up like Souter or Kennedy.  The end result, folks, will be the same.

    So, while there may be some hope that Trump would nominate some better SCOTUS picks than Hillary, it's a moonshot and one which I am not prepared to give away conservatism for .