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    Saturday, October 22, 2016

    Trump loves him some Russians!

    The Left is trying to push it as Gospel Truth that Donald Trump is in the pockets of the Russians, and that he's really just a Russian proxy.

    He has admittedly issued some friendly statements about Vlad Putin and the Russians, so it's worth considering.

    Many of them cite Donald J Trump Jr's 2008 comments as quoted in this Washington Post article as some sort of proof:

    "Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets. We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.”
    Personally, if that were backed up by some actual reporting that would shed light on it, I would find it much more damning. As it is, it sounds like so much of Trumpland, bluster, probably for the specific audience.

    Instead of following up on the potentially most damaging piece, the Post delves into some pretty insignificant areas:

    1. The Miss Universe Pageant being held in Moscow in 2013, where the Post alleges he "made millions." This would seem something they could actually prove, with an actual number
    2. Trump's team also attempted to sell condos in a Panama project to Russians. The horror! An international project looking for international investors!
    3. Trump sold a Palm Beach mansion he bought at auction for $41M for a tidy $54M profit to a Russian investor.  Trump bought the home at auction 4 years earlier and he sold it before the 2008 crash, so it probably had achieved maximum value. I don't know what this is evidence of.  But, whatever, the Post provides no additional info or context.
    4. While Trump has never built a hotel in Russia, the Post is quick to inform us it's "not for lack of trying."  
    So, this is it.  

    Like so many attacks on Trump, it's flimsy and held together by very thin threads.  

    It's just so much, nothingness.

    I Voted Today

    On the whole, the election comes down to two pretty despicable people. I know that Hillary Clinton, by her deeds is not qualified to be president.  Do I really need to list them?
    Her demeanor, as has been revealed in numerous books and articles over the years, and confirmed in the Wikileaks emails, confirms that she is entirely unsuited to be YOUR president, let alone mine.
    She is ruled out.
    The choice becomes Trump, or a protest of some kind, and while I have toyed with the protest, ultimately, this is a binary system, and you hold your nose and take the lesser of two evils, from a "person" perspective.

    I am helped along in this decision by a couple of things:
    1. I know that The Left, after settling on a candidate, through thick and thin, would do whatever is necessary to win the election.  If they couldn't outright replace the candidate, they would obfuscate, lie, use the media, go on the attack against their opponent, make up stories out of whole cloth, just to win.  They do not play fair.  The people who could turn Mitt Romney into a man who literally gives people cancer, just don't give a crap about "the rules."

      It's time we did the same thing, and a vote for Trump serves to tell The Left - "Go Screw Yourselves, we're done being your patsies."
    2. The GOP and particularly, the #nevertrump crowd needs to hear a message that some on the right are sick and tired of The Left playing by their set of rules, while we try to play by rules of fairness.  We're talking about the future of the country, which albeit will survive either one, but actual progress for our causes (at the national level, I agree) will be set back a generation by a Hillary victory.
    3. Enough of Trumpism intersects with my conservative/libertarian leanings to recognize that he is much closer to me than Hillary.  My agenda has a far better chance of moving forward under President Trump, than President Hillary.
    4. With Trump, I am not assured of conservative judges, but I am assured of Liberal ones with Hillary.  Another 4 years packing the federal bench with ideologue leftists will seriously set us back years.  I won't live to see the correction.

    I respect #nevertrumpers and their desire to retain some sense of moral clarity, but, let's not kid ourselves, politics is a dirty business, and that means it attracts people we might not consider pure of heart, or pure of ideology.
    You may choose, and in choosing, consider the stakes and I think Victor Davis Hanson sums this up in his article for NR. I have listened to both sides, and ultimately, logic requires that I side with VDH and Peter Robinson and Larry Kudlow, not with Jonah Goldberg, Erick Erickson, and Bill Kristol, though I respect their choices to remain above Trumpism.
    For me, the choice is really between Trump and Hillary, and that makes the choice for Trump the only logical one.

    Monday, October 10, 2016

    Hillary's Magic Court - F The Constitution

    If you watched Debate #2, the most important question occurred near the end.

    In response to what kind of justices would you appoint to the Supreme Court, Hillary Clinton had these wonderful insights for us:

    "I want to appoint Supreme Court justices who understand the way the world really works, who have real-life experience, who have not just been in a big law firm and maybe clerked for a judge and then gotten on the bench, but, you know, maybe they tried some more cases, they actually understand what people are up against."
    In other words, the judges will use as their basis for examining law "the way the world works."  Or, more accurately the way Hillary Clinton and her friends on the Progressive Left think the world works.
    "Because I think the current court has gone in the wrong direction. And so I would want to see the Supreme Court reverse Citizens United and get dark, unaccountable money out of our politics. Donald doesn’t agree with that."
    She wants to remove the right of people to freely assemble and gut the First Amendment.  Citizens United was correctly decided and some may recall it was a case about a film that was about HILLARY CLINTON.  Basically, this bitch wants to throw out the First Amendment due to spite.
    "I would like the Supreme Court to understand that voting rights are still a big problem in many parts of our country, that we don’t always do everything we can to make it possible for people of color and older people and young people to be able to exercise their franchise."
    Voting Rights are NOT a big problem.  States that have tough ID laws for voting have little fraud, and they all provide state-issued IDs for free, and in many cases, allow provisional ballots to be cast even to those without IDs.  Fair elections without fraud are fundamental to the integrity of our system.  Requiring voters to produce an ID that proves who they are is not too much to ask.  But, it prevents voter fraud that Democrats like to practice, so it must be cast as racist and enshrined into law by Jurists in Robes, since no state legislature will allow such shenanigans.
    "I want a Supreme Court that will stick with Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose, and I want a Supreme Court that will stick with marriage equality."
    It's ok for a Liberal to have an abortion litmus test, but God forbid a conservative have one.  If you get Hillary Clinton, you get abortion on demand.  Forever.  You'll also get further erosion in religious liberty.  Liberals dream of the only day you get the chance to practice your religion as being Sunday between 9:30-11.  They'll further gut the First Amendment to get it.  

    We also know she'd love to get the 2nd Amendment reinterpreted to remove the individual right enshrined by Heller.  Getting that 5th Liberal Justice and a case suitable enough, will get that done.

    Trump is a crap shoot on the Court, and he's a horrible person.  I get that.

    Choose wisely.

    Sunday, October 9, 2016

    I Really Hate This Guy, I Still Hate Herself More.

    It is a conundrum.

    I don't hate him, per se.

    I hate his campaign and I hate his past transgressions, and, since I find it highly unlikely the GOP will have the guts to remove him from the ticket, I pray that there are no recent ones to screw him up.

    I hate the GOP for not recognizing that he was a potential train wreck of a man, with this exact kind of stuff very likely.

    But, I actually think there is lemonade in these lemons.

    So much of these things, is as I  suggested in this post, about how you handle it.

    Here's his official response.

    It's not unlike what I wrote in that post.

    I may have written here that if the election is really about change, then Trump can march down 5th Avenue with a gun randomly shooting people.  If you want change, your only chance is to take Trump.

    His message from here on out has to be that.  

    Hillary represents the corruption and two-facedness that is official Washington.  The latest WikiLeaks emails show this in all too stark contrast.  In her paid speeches to Goldman Sachs and in her email exchanges with longtime confidante and fixer, John Podesta, we get an insider's look at what Hillary Clinton is all about.

    She's a one-world Globalist, just like Barack Obama and the rest of the Progressives.  She wants open borders (bad), open trade (that's not so bad), and the dissolution of the things that make the United States the United States.

    She's willing to let global bankers, like Goldman Sachs, do their bidding, as long as it serves her globalist intentions.

    This folks is crony-capitalism writ large, and Fascism by another name.

    Just know what you're getting into.

    Saturday, October 8, 2016

    Trump Needs to Ask Forgiveness From the American People

    By now, Trump's misogynist conversation with Billy Bush 11 years ago is locked in the public lore.

    He's going to get asked this on Sunday and he needs to address it early and fundamentally.  KellyAnne Conway, if you're listening, this you are getting for free.

    My suggestion is that the American people have proven a forgiving lot.  They want change this season and they only have Trump to do that.  He needs to reassure them he is not the misogynistic, narcisstic, selfish lout that he is portrayed to be (or that he may actually be).

    So, answer the question, answer it head on and show some self-awareness.

    Something like this:
    I have traveled around this country the last year or so, and I have met and gotten to know so many wonderful people.  It has offered me the opportunity to do a lot of soul searching and self-reflection, and you know, there are a lot of things I did in my life that were not proud moments for me.  They reflected my great love of my self, and as I have aged, I have realized that this country is so much more important than me.  That's why I am subjecting myself to this, because I want to change things.
    What you heard this week was one of those awful, locker-room type conversations that many men have.  I've these conversations with Bill Clinton and others, who I won't reveal because they didn't sign up for this. 
    But that doesn't make them right and I understand that my personal behavior in the past was just terrible, and terribly disrespectful to women.  
    You can see that my children, despite my failings, of which there are many, have turned out pretty well.  I hope you know I feel about this country as I feel about them.  I love every American just like these kids. (if he can choke back a tear here, that would be good)
    For my personal past behavior, I confess I have not been a paragon of virtue and the opposition probably has more to slam me with.  They want to make this election about me, and not about the change we so desperately need.  I can't stop them from trying to divert attention from there failed agenda.
    All I can so is there are many wonderful people who I know pray for me every day to improve, and I thank them.  
    To you, the American people, I apologize and I simply ask for your forgiveness. 

    Monday, October 3, 2016

    Jay Goes for Hillary!?!?

    My friends, and the impeccable logic of the left have finally subdued me.

    I have seen the light and am casting my lot with the Hillary! administration.  

    This is not in a craven attempt to ensure the zombies sure to be unleashed when Herself takes the reins of power do not devour me (first), but is a heartfelt admission that the logic is clear and that I should join the Tolerance of the Left TM team.

    This weekend I learned much about myself and Donald Trump.

    I learned that people on the Left have some good points, and they make them in interesting and fun ways.

    For example, people who use this as their Facebook profile picture really speak to me:

    By cracky, I don't want to unfriend anyone.  Why that would be just awful and mean.  I'd never do that!

    Some really important people (ok, movie stars) also told me I must vote for Trump.  So, they can't be wrong, can they?  These people also think it's important to vote....

    SAVE THE DAY Response from BrabenderCox on Vimeo.

    This article helped me fully understand what was wrong with my brain, and I only needed the gentle prodding of the kind and caring liberals on Facebook to help me fully understand that my failure to accede to Hillary was likely a mental disorder.

    Finally, this insightful and compassionate analysis made it clear to me.  I am not a classless, racist, misogynistic person of low integrity with bad business instincts.  I am a Christian who believes in the Constitution, therefore, I must not be a Trump voter, I must be...something else.

    I am not sure what that something else is, but it sure can't be Trump.  I can't have the members of polite society who brought us this thinking I am some kind of narcisstic loony-toon.  So, it's probably Hillary.

    By the way, if you want a much more fun, and insightful analysis of the typical Trump voter in flyover country, read this post.

    Friday, September 30, 2016

    Donald J Trump - Pissing Me Off Again - Updated!

    Note: Significant edit to this post.

    Gawd, Donald Trump is a frickin' idiot.

    What is Kellyanne Conway doing letting this dumb SOB have his twitter account back?

    The reason he's tweeting at 3am is because that's when he could get online without his handlers watching him.

    I am going to reconsider remaining in the #reluctantTrump camp.  I'm committed.  As soon as early voting opens here in Georgia, I am going to go vote for the Orange Idiot so nothing he does can change that.

    Good Lord, this moron has simply got to stop making Hillary Clinton look like an idiot savant.

    I implore his campaign team to explain to this fool that the response to these attacks is a quick one line reply then shift the attention to the opponent.

    He can't resist defending himself, and that will be the end of him, I think.

    Donald - you were on a glide path to victory.  Although I though the 45 minutes of the debate I watched was tedious, boring, and you both sucked, the consensus was you won the first part, so, that was probably a net win, since I expect most people, like me, got tired of it and turned it off.

    Nooooooooooooooooooo, you are so stupid, you took her bait on the last question about the fat beauty queen (and yes, she got fat, so what) and had to defend yourself.

    The answer, Donald, is something along the lines of:

    "I may have said intemperate things about a disgruntled employee who didn't maintain the brand image, but I have never, and would never, defend a rapist or turn on his victims."
    Period.  Done.  Your last word.

    Let Hillary defend that.

    When Hillary comes out with her news minions and their stories, yours is, "She's a disgruntled employee with an axe to grind and that was 20 years ago.  20 years ago Hillary Clinton was dragging rape victims names through the mud to ensure her access to power.  There's a difference."

    Let your supporters and others handle the dirty stuff.  The dredging up her past indiscretions.  You then STFU.  There is nothing to be gained by you tweeting at 3am.  Nothing.

    Don't do it.


    Monday, September 26, 2016

    Dear Donald, When She Says You Lie, Keep it Simple


    Hillary Clinton is telegraphing that she intends to portray you as a big fat liar.

    When you're principally known as a liar, as Hillary is, I suppose the path to beating your opponent is to paint them as an EVEN.BIGGER.LIAR.

    So, tonight she's going to call you a liar, and she's trying to use an appeal to authority (the moderator) to get them to pile on.

    The reply is simple, simple, simple.

    "Hillary Clinton wants to paint me as a liar.  Her campaign has even berated the moderator tonight to get him to 'fact check' (use the scare quotes) me tonight.

    Folks, you know that I embarked on this campaign not to get rich (I already am), but because I am very concerned about the future of our great country.  That has meant telling some hard truths about the way things are, and the way things will be, and the things Hillary Clinton and President Obama have done to make your lives more difficult.

    You have responded by coming to my rallies and listening politely, but with great energy, because you know these things to be true and you know I am the only person you hear speaking to you truthfully. YOU know these things to be true, and that's why I have 10,000, 20,000 people at my events and Hillary has 50.  People don't come to hear more of the same lies, they come to hear the truth, because it's so refreshing to them.  That's why this movement is so powerful.

    Hillary and her media friends don't want you to know the truth.  They go so far as to claim things that Bernie Sanders said were true, and when I say the exact same thing, they say it is false.  They are the liars.

    Hillary Clinton has a 30 year history of lying to the American people.  It is all she does.  You know it, she lied about what happened in Whitewater, she lied about the White House travel office, she lied about cattle futures, she lied about Benghazi, she lied about her emails, she lies about the Clinton Foundation.  Of course, she is lying about me, too.

    But, I am not with Her, I am with YOU, the American people, and you know, I will NOT lie to you for political gain, and in my administration, we will tell you the truth, even when it is not convenient for us.  On that, you have my solemn pledge.

    Thursday, September 22, 2016

    VDH Lays Out the Trump Case, or Why #nevertrump needs to give it up

    You should read Victor Davis Hanson’s latest piece on why the GOP should support Trump, but I’ll help with some tidbits.

    Hanson riffs on how the media treats all GOP candidates:

    “When the media got through with a good man like McCain, he was left an adulterous, confused septuagenarian, unsure of how many mansions he owned, and a likely closeted bigot. Another gentleman like Romney was reduced to a comic-book Ri¢hie Ri¢h, who owned an elevator, never talked to his garbage man, hazed innocents in prep school, and tortured his dog on the roof of his car.”

    He similarly laments how the media (and this includes our side as well) now sees the way Trump is succeeding as a bad thing, when before…

    “Trump’s ball-and-chain flail, such as it can be fathomed, is in large part overdue.  In the old days, any candidates who met with the press, held news conferences, were easily cross-examined, gave out their blood tests and EKG results (did Obama or Hillary?), had small staffs and few TV ads, raised little outside money, spoke extemporaneously, and were not prepped by legions of handlers were considered ‘different’ in the sense that they were welcomed mavericks to an otherwise scripted campaign season.”

    Does Trumo say stupid stuff?  Yes, but, so does his opponent, and HER stupid stuff brought me right back to Trump:

    “Replying in kind to a Gold Star Muslim family or attacking a Mexican-American judge who is a member of a La Raza legal group is, of course, stupid and crass, but perhaps not as stupid as Hillary, before a Manhattan crowd of millionaires, writing off a quarter of America as deplorable, not American, and reprobate racists and bigots.”

    It’s a long essay, and if you’re TrumpCurious, or a #nevertrumper who’s willing to self-reflect, do read the entire essay.

    Sunday, September 18, 2016

    Donald J Trump's Statement on The President's Birth (as proposed by me)

    President Barack Obama was born in the United States and is an American.  Period.

    As we learned this week, the rumors of President Obama’s birth in Kenya were begun in 2008 by key Hillary Clinton Senior Advisor, Sid Blumenthal and shopped to various news organizations in 2008.  As a high-level Clinton lieutenant and long-time friend of Hillary, Blumenthal was considered such a credible source that the McClatchy News Service sent a reporter to Kenya to look into the allegations.

    However, the press, as Democratic party lapdogs and dishonest arbiters of their own “truth” failed to fully investigate and put this issue to rest, so it was left to fester for 3 more years.

    In 2011, as I became much more concerned about the direction of our country, which was then, and continues to be the wrong direction, I decided to take this issue head-on.  The lack of transparency from the current administration - regarding the Fast and Furious scandal at the time, and as we saw with the IRS scandal later, and the Benghazi coverup in 2012, bothered me greatly.

    My fear was something was being hidden from the American people.

    The Constitution only has 2 requirements for a President - to be 35 years old and a “natural-born” citizen, I felt it was important that we get complete disclosure on this issue, so I pushed to have the original documents that confirmed the President’s birth released.  This is something a media seeking the truth could have easily accomplished in 2008, but it took a citizen with some means and a platform to make it happen.  That says more about the media than it does Donald J Trump.

    This issue is behind us, and it should remain so.  It is, as those on the Left are so want to say, “settled science” at this point.

    That Hillary Clinton and her campaign would start such a rumor, based on no actual facts, is a sad testimony to the kind of “say anything” campaigns Hillary Clinton runs. It is the way she will govern, if elected, because that is how Clinton’s always govern.

    That the media would do nothing to fully close these rumors indicates how in the tank they are for Democrat candidates and can not be trusted to provide you the truth.  Fortunately, today, you have choices other than the mainstream media outlets who seek to only provide one side of the story.

    This will be the last time I speak of this.

    Thank you,
    Donald J Trump

    Friday, September 16, 2016

    Islam - Not a Race

    Hillary Clinton recently included in the things she finds deplorable, "Islamophobia."

    Despite this not being an actual, thing, it also is not a serious charge.  And by not "serious," I mean the person leveling it is not serious.

    As Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch), Andrew McCarthy, Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugged) or Mark Steyn (SteynOnline) will attest, it also is not a phobia if the fear is rational.

    I'll take on anyone who wants to debate that we should not have a rational fear of Islam and especially it's most fervent adherents, who I will refer to as Islamists, or Islamofascists to more precisely target it to those who push the teachings of Mohammad and the tenets of political Islam, including Sharia, to achieve their goal of a Global Caliphate.

    All one has to do is look around and see the havoc being wreaked across the globe, including here in America, by these murderous thugs, operating under the banner of Islam.  Are there others committing acts of terror in the name of their God?  Well, yes, there are, and people love to point to Christian terrorists like Eric Rudolph, but, let's please be honest, nearly 100% of Christians denounce these people, and the vast, vast, vast majority of acts of terror committed now are committed in the name of Allah.  Sure the SPLC likes to catalog "hate crimes" committed against innocent Muslims, and these exist to be sure, but none approach in the remotest way possible, the acts carried out in this country at Fort Hood, San Bernardino, Orlando, Chattanooga, Fort Dix, or Washington DC and New York City.  

    There simply is no comparison.

    Alayna Hirsi Ali can tell you what practitioners of Sharia do to women.  I encourage you to read her work.  Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller catalog the works of Islamofascists.  

    The Charlie Hebdo writers should have had a greater Islamophobia.  Many more of them might be alive today had they taken the threats more seriously and protected themselves better.

    The fact is that in a world of 1.2 billion Muslims, where polls show 20-40% do not disavow these extreme elements amongst their co-religionists, that means you have at a minimum 240 million people who are A-OK with what these murderers are doing.  If only 0.1% of Muslims are part of the death cult that wants to establish the caliphate and do it by murdering the infidels, that means there are 120,000 people willing to meet Allah and get their 72 virgins.  So, is it irrational to be concerned about 120,000 potential terrorists?  What if it's .01%?  Is it still irrational if the number is only 12,000?  When does it become irrational?

    The other thing Clinton's and the Left's approach to this is to lump Islamophobics in with racists and homophobes.

    Little different, in that you can't change your race, and pretty much everyone agrees sexual preference is baked in.  Does the Left think that Islam is a race?  Newsflash - Islam is a religion that also includes a political element, with sharia as the law.  People do have a choice when it comes to religions, and this one has proved all-too-willing to spread itself by the sword.  In fact, there are teachings in the Quran that preach just this.  

    Do I want to rid the world of Islam? Not unless this minority of Islamofascists decide they want to rid the world of me and my co-religionists (and Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Wiccans, and yes, even you atheists out there).  If that's the battle they want, I am more than willing to enjoin them.  However, I fear few leaders in the West are as well.

    And they're preaching to their minions to just keep their heads down.  Treat this as a phobia.  This ugly people who recognize the threat will just go away or be marginalized.  They think there is no threat, or maybe they can negotiate it away when it reaches our shores and becomes truly a daily threat.  They're wrong.

    There are moderate Muslims who understand the problem Islam faces.  Egypt's president al Sisi is one of them.  Jordan's king another.  There are others, but for now, their voices are really kept from us.  How many of you even knew that one of our allies in the Middle East, Egypt's current president, is a voice of reason in this crowd of lunatics?  You don't because the Western media don't want to cover a Muslim who admits and is willing to take on islam's problems directly.  That would be giving cover to those who they prefer to call Islamophobes, and we can't have that, can we?

    Thursday, September 15, 2016

    What a Difference a Month Makes - Trump (reluctantly)

    My last post here was all about why I opposed Trump and how I thought he wouldn't be much worse than Hillary.

    I still think that's a possibility, but, a month closer to the election, I have decided to side with the Ace's of the world,vice the Jonah Goldberg's (look it up yourself).

    After a month that included the wretched DNC, the loss of Debbie Wasserman-Schultzas DNC Chair (sad), more Hillary email and DNC revelations, the elevation of Kellyanne Conway to Trump campaign manager, Hillary's failing health, and Trump behaving like...well, an actual presidential candidate, I have decided that I can't stand by and accept a Hillary win by going third party.

    Plus, Gary Johnson made it clear he was not after disaffected conservatives, he was getting to 15% on the backs of Bernie supporters, and Evan McMullin's campaign is a vanity butt-hurt affair run by #nevertrumpers.

    Finally, the a-holes who are Liberals, decided they were winning so big they could start telling the truth.  Hillary went out and made her "deplorables" comment and promptly got served a cup of karma that her sycophantic media toe lickers couldn't cover up because of citizen journalists. NFL football players decided to give the flag a big "FU" and the ACC and NCAA decided men and women should use the same toilet and check out each other's privates.  I can't wait for dudes who identify as women to start using Title IX to kill women's college athletics.  Karma.

    More than anything else, it is the attitude of the Left that has brought me into the Trump camp.  Hillary Clinton is an historically corrupt individual who doesn't deserve to be near the levers of power.  People bash Trump for his multiple positions (and yes, he has them), and the unknown factor of Trump, but, guess what folks, we absolutely know what Hillary will do, and it will be horrible.  She will run the Clinton administration as her personal power center, and it will be 4 years of enriching Clintons.

    There's still a chance Trump will manage to shoot off his big fat, stupid mouth, and turn this thing back to Hillary, but for now, less than 60 days out, the wind is at his back.  

    Donald J Trump is no Ronald Reagan, but this election is starting to have a feel much like 1980 in the sense of momentum.  Republican senate candidates are polling very strongly and they are usually trailing indicators.  I don't believe that Trump trails these candidates by as much as the polls indicate.  I think that there are actually people who won't say they are voting for him in polls, and I know that Hillary Clinton may get the same percentage of black and latino voters as Obama, but she won't get the same raw number, and Trump is going to increase his white percentage and white turnout.

    I still consider Trump a huge risk, but, of the  candidates who can win, he is by far the most conservative option, and in keeping with the Buckley rule, I am compelled to support him.

    Thursday, August 11, 2016

    Bad Times for Trump

    It's been a month since I posted here, and a lot has changed.

    Last month, Trump was leading in the polls, and since then, we've had the joke of an RNC, where the winner is working out to have been Ted Cruz for his prescient non-endorsement of Trump (the gall! Asking people to vote their conscience) and John Kasich, for staying away and withholding his endorsement of Trump.

    Now, Hillary has opened a wide lead nationally and in several of the important swing states.  She's even competitive here in Georgia and in Utah.

    I've been back and forth over and over on Trump, but I am getting more firmly in the #nevertrump camp.  I refuse to be as strident as some, but, the week he spent on the Khan's and now his stupid off-the-cuff remarks about "Second Amendment People" have convinced me that the #nevertrump crowd has a seriously solid argument.

    I've said somewhere that Trump is a caricature of a conservative, and Ben Shapiro captures this in this article this week.

    As a committed conservative, I have to ask myself - is conservatism, and as such, the country, better off with 4 years of Hillary, in opposition, or 4 years of Trump, having to explain and defend what this idiot does to our ideology, which is what is right for America.

    On these points, I am with those who oppose Trump.  We can draw stark contrasts with Hillary, and we can use her unpopularity to consolidate gains in the senate and house during what is going to be a corruption filled Hillary administration.

    But, you might say, the Supreme Court.

    Here's the problem with that.  Even if Trump wins, the GOP is unlikely to get a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.  That means the Dems will oppose any of the nominees on "the list."

    Trump is likely to fold at the first threat of a filibuster, and yes, seek a stealth candidate who will likely end up like Souter or Kennedy.  The end result, folks, will be the same.

    So, while there may be some hope that Trump would nominate some better SCOTUS picks than Hillary, it's a moonshot and one which I am not prepared to give away conservatism for .

    Friday, July 15, 2016

    Trump Takes the Lead

    A flurry of polls this week have Trump taking a national lead, and larger leads in key swing states, even the GOP's unicorn state, Pennsylvania, as our pal, Ace, reports (http://acecomments.mu.nu/?post=364751).

    It's been a bad couple of weeks for Hillary Clinton.

    First, her husband puts some very questionable optics on her upcoming email investigation and lobbies the AG for...well, something.

    Next, the FBI Director offers up the most scathing non-indictment recommendation ever, describing Granma as everything from being too stupid (er... not sophisticated enough) to understand classified markings to being oblivious to national security concerns (reckless, anyone?).

    Then, she blunders her way through the #BLM and Dallas shootings, and to top it off, Bernie Sanders spends 28 minutes explaining why he's awesome, but, vote for Hillary anyway.

    Now we have all these very unfavorable poll numbers for Herself, then, the French terrorism massacre does nothing but highlight Dem's weakness on the security issue.

    Maybe she's at her low water mark.  Larry Kudlow on the recent flagship Ricochet podcast thinks, she's a stock still seeking a bottom.  Could he be right?

    This is an opportunity to see if Trump will do as I think he will, to turn this into all about his winning, and winning, and winning some more. That was the strategy in the GOP primary and now that he's turned this thing around (ok, she's in free fall, but doesn't matter)... 

    The entire thing is about the inevitability of Trump winning and the bandwagon effect.

    Saturday, July 9, 2016

    Free College!

    Hillary Clinton continued her pandering to Bernie Sanders voters this week, unveiling a plan to make college tuition free to families (important note there) making less than $85k/year, eventually upping that to $125k/year.

    If you don't yet have children in college, this probably sounds like an awesome idea and a real money saver.  Let me un-Voxsplain to you.

    • The plan only covers tuition.  As anyone who looks hard at college bills knows, tuition is about 1/2 of the money it takes to take classes, as fees and services usually cover the other half of the non-room and board college costs.  
    • The plan does not cover room and board.  At most colleges and universities, unless you live with your parents, this is going to be about 50% to 100% of tuition.  
    • So, Hillary's plan would cover about 1/4 of the total cost of college.  You would still need parents or loans to cover the rest.
    • It sounds great, but it's not going to eliminate the need for loans or sugar daddy's (i.e. "parents").
    Continuing the economics lesson here, what is likely to happen when college is subsidized by the American taxpayer as it will have to be?  Well, as it has the last 30 or so years as more and more of college is paid for by someone else (in the form of guaranteed student loans, at remarkably low interest rates), it will become even more expensive.  And while those families making up to $125k may benefit from the taxpayers covering tuition, they'll still have those fees and room and board to cover.

    Additionally, someone, besides the taxpayers, will have to make up the cost for those students having their tuition subsidized.  And that someone will be - families making over $125k/year.

    Now, I don't need to tell you if you file a tax return, but a 2 earner household doesn't have to have 2 awesome jobs to get over that threshold.  So, before you crow about how fantastic this is, recognize that it is the middle class who is going to be footing the bill for this, in the form of higher tuition and fees, so that states can meet the requirement to offer "free" tuition to those others.

    Ultimately, you need to consider who is the beneficiary of government mandates such as this?  Is it really students, or is it tenured professors and university administrators who gain from higher attendance figures, and for whom graduation rates are usually not important.

    The academy is a linchpin of Democrat politics.  

    Proposals such as this are corporate welfare for universities, not attempts to make college more affordable (at which they have failed miserably over time) or more available (it is private, online universities that offer the best chance to do this).

    Saturday, July 2, 2016

    Daniel Hannan gets badgered by Christian Imapoorreporter, and fires back.

    H/T to Andrew Klavan.

    Christian Amanpour demonstrates why the Left, and the leftish media, is so disengaged from what is going on in the world, in this post-Brexit interview with British MEP Daniel Hannan.

    To Amanpour and her friends on the Left, Brexit is, as is EVERYTHING with these people, about xenophobia and racism, and the Brits desire to keep the other (primarily Muslims) out of Britain.  It's all that they are able to comprehend.

    Little concepts like national sovereignty, the desire for true self-rule mean little to the leftists.  They don't really care about democracy, after fighting for years to ensure everyone has the right to vote, they are angry when they don't vote as the elites desire.  We acknowledge that some who voted for leave were doing so on xenophobic and perhaps even racist grounds.  So what?  Last I checked, xenophobes and racists still had the right to vote in most western countries, and it's the one point I wish Hannan had made to Ms. Amanpour.  He might also have pointed out that with the remain camp drilling that home everyday in opposition, she shouldn't be surprised that so many people came out who might have felt this way.

    Hannan, being badgered by Amanpour with her ridiculous, facile questions, and her snide facial expressions, still manages to take her to school to explain that Brexit is about much more than racism and xenophobia.

    Neil Degrasse Tyson - Rationalia? More like Stupidia

    Neil Degrasse Tyson, who fancies himself a reboot of Carl Sagan, and who really wants you to understand that he's really, really smart, tweeted the other day:

    He was rightly mocked on Twitter by all sorts of people who could see the errors in his wishful thinking, and many pointed out a little thing called the Reign of Terror that followed a particular revolution that embodied some of these ideas he's thinking of.  An example:

    Alas, History and understanding the actual, um, human condition, are things lost on Tyson, who is the most insufferable of scientists - those who eschew Philosophy, but instead think governing our world (Rationalia?) under the guise of the primacy of science and the supreme intelligence of it's key practitioners (led, of course, by Mr Degrasse Tyson himself) is some kind of new, untried, and even smart, idea.

    Kevin Williamson, writing in National Review, was quick to pick up on Tyson's stupidity and jot down a few thoughts in an essay, the bottom line of which comes in the closing (but do read the whole thing):

    As men like him have done for ages, Tyson dreams of a world of self-evident choices, overseen by men of reason such as himself who occupy a position that we cannot help but notice is godlike. It’s nice to imagine ruling from an Olympus of Reason, with men and nations arrayed before one as on a chessboard. Down here on Earth, the view is rather different, and the lines of sight inside the epistemic horizon are not nearly so long as our would-be rulers imagine.

    Wednesday, June 29, 2016

    Leftist Loonyism This Week

    The left has been on a rampage this week...

    First, we have the Turkey terror attacks.  Despite the monsters using guns for this, I have yet to see those who find this such a scourge here in the US call for President Erdogan to use his considerable powers as supreme ruler of Turkey to stem the tide of gun violence that is gripping Turkey.

    Next, thanks to Iliana Johnson and the watchdog group, Cause to Action, we found out that former IRS executive Lois Lerner likely broke the law when she shared over 1 million pages of tax return information with the Department of Justice.  But, this is the Obama administration, so instead of mainstream media coverage of the political weaponization of the IRS against conservative political enemies of this administration, we'll get...crickets.

    Loretta Lynch met privately will Bill Clinton, ahead of the release of the Benghazi report.  Maybe it was a chance encounter, but, the nation's chief law enforcement officer, who may be called on to offer up an indictment of Hillary Clinton, should not be having private discussions with her husband in the run up to either of these events.  This is outrageous and a serious ethical issue.  But, for the most transparent administration in History, what else did you expect.

    The Supreme Court gave us a glimpse of life under a 5-4 liberal majority.  Religious freedom will be destroyed, abortion on demand will be the law of the land.  Democrats don't care about women's health.  As Mary Eberstadt in NR put it:

    Once upon a time, liberals portrayed the procedure of abortion as a thing regrettable but sometimes necessary. This was the cottony, “safe, legal, and rare” piety of yesteryear. That old rhetorical dressing has been ripped off for good. Today, The Daily Show is taking a tut-tutting in the media for having tweeted to its 4.25 million followers a comment that some find tasteless: “Celebrate the #SCOTUS ruling! Go knock someone up in Texas!” The indignation is faux. Under the logic of secularist progressivism today, the only thing regrettable about abortion is that there isn’t more of it.

    These people don't care if Kermit Gosnell type abortion mills dot the country.  They only care that abortions are performed.  If they have to be by sadists like Gosnell using the most unsafe procedures, so be it.  The "right" of a woman to kill that clump of tissue shall not have any undue burden placed on it.  I would not be surprised to see an abortionist who offers coat hangar only abortions have these people defend him, because, you know, abortion.  It used to be that Bill Clinton wanted to see abortion be safe, legal, and rare, but really we know that the true believers only care about the legal part of that triad.

    Trust me, the future holds a time when these people not only celebrate abortion as the unfettered legal right of women, but will require every woman to get pregnant and have one.  For the shared experience, of course.

    Finally, we have the House Select Committee's final report on Benghazi.  The administration and their willing dupes in the media want you to think that there is nothing new here, and that there is no proof that Hillary Clinton did anything illegal.  Well, no one really was looking to find out if she did anything in illegal with respect to Benghazi.  We were looking to find out how 4 Americans, including an Ambassador had to lose their lives defending themselves in a Libyan hellhole.  Indeed, a gay ambassador.  Funny how the gays seem to be doing very poorly at the hands of Democrats in the age of Obama (except for that marriage thing).

    They'll tell you, "nothing new here," "time to move on," and, Hillary had nothing to do with it.  Well, you can read the report linked herein.  While 4 men died, the Department of State dithered on whether we should send in a rescue mission in uniform or not.

    Read the report.

    Sunday, June 12, 2016

    The End of Islam

    Until the West comes to grip with Islam and makes a decision about how we're going to face down this scourge, events like this morning in Orlando are only going to continue, and get worse.
    This is NOT about gun control.  You are incredibly naive if you think today's events, or Islamists will stop murdering Westerners if they don't have the ability to buy an AR over the counter. One need only look at Paris to know this is a lie. You are also fooling yourself if you believe that there is not a damn good reason to practice some Islamophobia. These people want to kill us all, but trust me, they'll start with the gays, the apostates, the unbelievers, and then they'll move on to those of us who refuse to pay the jizya.
    This is about a political ideology that is tied to a "religion" that over a billion people practice that has a dangerously murderous element. I don't say radical, because today's events are all too normal within Islam, they are all too accepted by its practitioners, and they are not going to end without the West ending it.
    The time is running short for the people who actually want to practice a religion of "peace" to prove it by expunging these elements themselves.
    I call on the leaders of the West to do what is necessary and and put an end to this. If that means we have to occupy the middle east for the next 2000 years, then so be it. If Islam can not join us in the 21st century, then Islam can become a relic of it.

    Mexican Judges Love Trump

    I was, at first, appalled by Trump's "attack" on the judge in the Trump University case, Gonzalo Curiel.  As you must have heard by now, Trump accused the judge of a bias against him because he was "Mexican." You can see video and a transcript of Trump's remarks here.

    Over the last week, I have decided to stop just taking for granted the media's depiction of Trump on this, and to try to look at it subjectively.  I think too many of the "right" people got their knickers all in a  twist over something that is unworthy of such gnashing and wailing of teeth.

    I expect this kind of nonsense from the Left.  They want to win, they have no guiding principle other than the constant expansion of government power (with them at the helm) and winning.  Therefore, consistency in logic and equality of treatment is not something I expect from The Left.

    I expect a little more from my friends on the right.  In some ways, they are being more consistent in their approach.  In other ways, they are employing the tactics of The Left against Trump, and in the quest to defeat Progressivism, this will have adverse affects for the country.  It's also why, although I am drawn to their arguments like a moth to flame, I am at times annoyed with the stridency of the #neverTrump crowd.

    But, I digress.

    Over on Ricochet (membership required) I read Richard Epstein's take down of Trump and I (and you) can enjoy Professor Epstein's discussion of Trump on his "The Libertarian" podcast.  I recommend you subscribe.  I have just decided I don't agree and I find the reasoning of many,
    people like Epstein, Mona Charen, Jay Nordlinger, Professor Tom Nichols, Rick Wilson flawed.

    For many who are firmly #neverTrump, much of it is based, as Epstein discusses ad nauseum, on the Trump "temperament."  Many of these people claim to have some inner window to Trump's soul.  Mona Charen accuses him of having Narcissistic Personality Disorder ("McFly, have you seen Barack Obama?? ").  Nichols, a "National Security Conservative" doesn't trust Trump with the nuclear button, unlike Marco Rubio, who doesn't trust him with the button, but figures, what the hell.  Wilson is as anti-Trump as they come. Need I go on?  Most of these people dismiss Trump because of things like his temperament.  They use words like "unqualified, unfit" to describe his readiness for the Office of the President.

    That's an opinion, and none of these people are qualified to make medical diagnoses.

    It was while listening to the Need to Know Podcast (hosted by Charen and Nordlinger) that I realized why many of these people move to "temperament" when they have reservations about Trump.  In an innocuous aside where Mona and Jay discussed home invasions and the usefulness of guns to deterring them, Charen remarked to Jay that they have things that will turn your lights off and on so you don't just have to leave a light on.  It struck me as so out of touch.  They've only had light timers for about 50 years at least, I'd guess.  Today, Mona, did you know you can do this from the Internet?

    I imagine in the circles these people run around in, they don't find a lot of guys like Trump.  They read about them in the newspaper, they have friends who are friends with them, and they imagine them in their wildest dreams.  But they've rarely come in contact with them, and when they do, they do consider them boorish and vulgar, and rude and nasty, and nouveau and they're just a tad bit disgusted by them.

    In their circles they just don't talk like this.  And thus, when Trump links the word "Mexican" with "biased" in that word jumble way that Trump speaks, they instantly, like their analogs on the Left, connect the dots and it becomes "Trump is a racist" and cue the right's outrage industry, because just as when the Left doesn't want to argue a point, they resort to racism, these guys so detest Trump that they've chosen the same tactics.

    And that, my friends, is what is going on here.

    Trump is incredibly flawed.  He could use this case to demonstrate that people are biased, and that The Left celebrates their bias.  Instead of a cheap personal attack (and it was a cheap personal attack, it just wasn't racist), Trump could have said,
    "In a time where we have Leftist Supreme Court justices claiming being a 'wise Latina' is a qualification for a judge, is it any wonder that I can't get a fair shake from a Latino judge?  After all, the Left has been telling Hispanics for years that the only way forward for them is to be treated as special snowflakes who can't do it on their own, they need the benevolent hand of their Leftists benefactors.  Well, I KNOW they can do it on their own.  I see Hispanics who have immigrated here legally working hard every day and they can make it without Hillary Clinton swooping down with some special government goodies stolen from someone else, they can live the American dream and own businesses and employ others and share that dream.  But they can't do it while the Left is holding them down and making them losers, who only win when the Left decides they can share in the ill gotten spoils from the crooks who stole it.  They can't.  Believe me, when Trump is president, they will."

    Or something like that.

    Guy needs to think first.  He could really turn these lemons into lemonade.

    Sunday, June 5, 2016

    Trump and Protection

    I promise some anti-Hillary posts this season. Honest.

    But first, some more fodder for the #nevertrump crowd and a quick education in the post World War era.

    Donald J Trump has gotten a lot of applause from his followers and it's a popular stump line that NATO is obsolete and our allies should be paying us for their "protection."

    Once you get past the irony of a New York tough guy asking Koreans and Japanese to pony up protection money, doesn't Trump have a good point?

    I'll grant him this much - our allies do benefit greatly from US protection in the post WW2 world.  In Europe, because of the presence of the US military and the Article 5 provisions in the NATO Charter, all NATO members are bound together, but the primary provider of military power is clearly the United States.  It's basically been that way since the war ended, with Britain providing some additional credible capability.

    And have the Europeans benefitted?  Greatly.  It has enabled them to build those vaunted social democracies that Bernie Sanders and American liberals are so enamored of.  If these guys had to pay for their own military, they could not afford the generous welfare states they have built.  No doubt on that one.

    The same is also true in the Far East with Japan and Korea, so when we consider this protection racket, they're in on it.

    But, isn't there something in this game for us?

    We could have pulled out of these arrangements at any time in the last 60 to 70 years.  None of these countries are holding a gun to our head, demanding that we play this role.  We played this role willingly, in fact, we found being the leader of the free world, being the protector of the order after WW2 to be in our national interest.  It was in our interest, immediately after WW2 to ensure neither Germany nor Japan returned to militarism, and particularly that Germany's desire to conquer Europe was quenched, as that quickly turned to the Soviets and containment of them.  Surely for the 50 years that the Cold War raged, it was in our national interest to remain engaged in the protection of Europe to keep the Soviets at bay.  And it was.

    Of course, Trump argues that those times have passed, and since 1992, our troop levels have massively declined across Europe and in Japan and South Korea.  We have largely pulled back as the Russian threat diminished, and at times, NATO has pushed for more European involvement in Europe's defense needs, and at times, they have responded.

    The US's portion of NATO's military spending is relatively small, compared to our overall defense spending, at less than $500 million dollars.

    The US spends less than $7B (this is US defense money) on defense of Japan and South Korea, so we're looking at a relatively small percentage of the overall defense budget going toward direct costs for these countries, and this money doesn't even mean it's totally for their defense.  These countries provide forward operating bases so that we can more quickly respond to global powers, like China and Russia, so these aren't just costs in defense of the host countries.

    This is a complicated subject, and Trump tries to boil it down to simplicity, because it's a good sound bite.  We get something that enhances our overall security from these arrangements.  We're not there to engage in a protection racket, we're in these countries because it enhances our national security, because it gives us control over the command and control structure, and because it's the right thing to do for the global hegemon.

    Just imagine a world where we are not in control in these places, where we had to work with multiple armies, multiple large navies, multiple air forces of sizes suitable for their defense.  It would be a difficult world indeed for our military, so this arrangement has practical value as well.

    Things are never as simple as Donald Trump wishes they were, and the questions are hard and the answers complex.  I wish he'd engage in a little more intellectual curiosity rather than always taking the politically easy way out.

    Saturday, June 4, 2016

    On David French and 3rd Party Anti-Trump Runs

    Bill Kristol is an ardent neverTrumper, and this week he revealed that Iraq War veteran, Constitutional lawyer, author and National Review contributor David French would be his pick to run in a 3rd party bid against Trump.

    I'll let French pal and fellow NR staffer Jim Geraghty explain the challenges ahead, and why good mean like French are not in our national political pysche at this time.

    I am torn by Trump, just as the Republican party is.

    But, I am united with them in that I think a third party run against Trump is an incredibly bad idea.  Sure, I would love to see a guy like David French inject some real conservatism into the Fall debate.  I think it would be great to have a true conservative on the stage with Trump, Clinton, and Johnson in the Fall, but it's not going to happen.

    Conservatives, given that conservatism's home resides in the GOP, had their chance to make the case for it in a much better crucible for us, and we lost.  We had Scott Walker, Carly Fiorina, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, and Ted Cruz, and we lost.  The GOP primary voters turned out to be much less interested in conservatism than they are in nationalism and populism, and Trump won the nomination.

    Now is the time for Trump and his coalition to sink or swim.  On its own.  I do not want to be part of an organized group who these creeps (and that describes MANY of them) can point to and say cost their savior the election.  It will be one thing for those who can't abide the man to sit on their hands in November and skip the Presidential part of the ballot (or choose someone else who isn't Hillary), and it's quite another to actively support another candidate.

    I will not actively support another candidate, and conservatives should do the same.  Either get behind Trump and throw some level of support to him, or be an observer and point out the flaws in both candidates.

    There are plenty, and that's what I intend to do, from this point forward.

    My note to Trump and his Trumpkins - STOP giving me reasons to point out your flaws and start running a campaign that seeks to actually unify the GOP and go after Hillary Clinton.

    No more attacks on sitting Republican Hispanic Female governors, no more stupid attacks on judges who rule against you in your Fraud (oops, Trump) University case, and no more moronic tweets, please.

    Because I refuse to let that crap go by unnoticed.

    Wednesday, May 25, 2016

    Bill Clinton & The Lolita Express

    In chatting with a co-worker the other day, I realized that the people who get their news from Facebook and the mainstream, state-controlled media, have no idea of the indiscretions of Bill Clinton, don't remember (or weren't born) when the Clinton's started enriching themselves at taxpayer expense, and believe that Hillary's DoS tenure was a "success."

    This is one of the great things about the Trump campaign.  He's going to rehash all this stuff and run the campaign that many people have wanted Republicans to run for years.

    Check out his latest ad, which draws the line directly to Bill Clinton the rapist.

    But he's so much more than that.  And Hillary is relevant to this, because she has covered for him for all these years.  She participated in the silencing of Juanita Broadrick.  Rather than being a champion of women in the #waronwomen, she is, as Kathleen Willey (another woman Bill Clinton sexually assaulted) described, "The war on women."

    Bill Clinton was impeached because of his lies during the Paula Jones sexual harassment case.  This while he was playing hide-the-cigar with Monica Lewinski.  Most of these things are well know to anyone over 40.  But a large chunk of the electorate have never known that Hillary Clinton was the fixer to Bill's sexual peccadilloes over his career.  To be so close to power required great sacrifice from Hillary and it still does.

    Even now, Bill Clinton is a frequent visitor to something those on the right have been calling "Pedophile Island."  This is the private island owned by convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

    Read all about Epstein here.  Suffice to say, Epstein likes 'em young, and enjoyed peddling his wares to his rich and famous friends, who also included...

    Former US President Bill Clinton.  Flight logs for Epstein's private Boeing 727 show that Clinton traveled on it over 26 times.  At least 5 times the Secret Service was not on board.

    This will not be reported in the media that most people read.  You won't see this in the left-wing Facebook news feed. and certainly not in the mainstream media.  They don't want anyone to know this is going on.

    Now you know.

    Tuesday, May 24, 2016

    Erick Erickson on Trump and Faith

    Read Erick Erickson's post today if you want to get a feel for Trump, the "Christian."

    I think Erickson dwells on past indiscretions, which I know God will forgive (if Trump sought forgiveness, which, by his own admission, he has not), so I would forgive willingly, but otherwise, his points are valid and worth considering.

    As for me, Trump thinks he can play the part of a Jesus follower, because he knows the words (the best words), and someone is whispering in his ear, "This is what The Evangelicals want to hear."  Unlike George W. Bush, who I knew was sincere when he said "It will change your life" with respect to accepting God's Grace, Trump has no conception (or intention?) of this.  Maybe he never listened in Church, maybe no one ever shared the Good News with him, maybe he's just too arrogant to accept that there is a God who holds dominion over him.  Who knows.  I hope someone can lead him to the Lord, and he'll accept willingly, but for now, folks, his words are not the words of a man who follows or has accepted Christ as his savior.  They are just not the right words.

    Still, that is not a requirement to be president of the United States.

    What is important is, just as Trump is playing the caricature of a conservative, he is also playing that of a Christian.  In so doing, he defiles both.

    I'd prefer honesty from Trump.  Don't read to me from "Two Corinthians" or tell me how beautiful your Easter Church is and expect me to buy your con. Especially when you can't even complete the con and say you've asked God for forgiveness for even one thing, much less for your sinful soul.   This is how egotistical this man is.  He sees the trappings of Christianity and tries to play into them, but on the core of the religion, his ego prevents him from even completing his own con game.  Sad.

    This isn't advice to Trump, as I know he's immune to it.  But for others, try honesty.  I don't care if you're irreligious or atheist or agnostic, if you respect the Constitution's protections for religious freedom and are prepared to support and defend them, that's all I care about.  I think religious people who care about their freedoms would also understand.

    Honest atheists/agnostics like Penn Teller and Charles C.W. Cooke are examples of people who I would be perfectly happy defending religious freedom.

    Con man Donald Trump, does not inspire confidence. 

    But YOU, Dear Reader, you go right ahead and vote for him.

    Monday, May 23, 2016

    Vote for Trump if You Must. Just Don't Expect Me To

    I can give one good, concrete reason to vote for Donald Trump: He's not Hillary Clinton.

    If you are of the mind, like Peter Robinson, that Hillary is evil, and that this is a binary election where you only have two choices, I can respect the decision to take what you think is the lesser evil, and go with Trump.

    Just do it with eyes wide open.  You don't know what you're getting, and you may (indeed, I think you absolutely will) get something much different than you bargained for.

    If that's all you want out of this post, to get my rationalization for why it's ok for YOU to vote for Trump, stop reading.  That part of the post is over.

    The next are some of the reasons I find Trumo unpalatable, and why I am unlikely to pull the lever for him.  I'll caveat that as a Georgia voter, Trump will either not need my vote, because he's going to win Georgia handily, or, a vote for him will be a futile gesture, because he's losing so badly.  Yes, that makes sticking to principle easier for me.  The joys of geography.

    What makes Trump so awful?

    1. He's not a conservative.  I am a conservatarian.  I grew up in a conservative family.  We read National Review.  Witness was a book displayed in my home.  Ronald Reagan was the greatest president we ever saw.  As I got older, I leaned a little more libertarian, but in the classical sense, not in the pot-smoking Gary Johnson sense.

      Trump is not conservative.  He's alien to conservatism.  He does not speak of Freedom, or the Constitution.  He seems not to understand what makes America great, only that it should be great.  Donald Trump will not "make America great again," because he doesn't understand what makes us great to begin with.

      Being anti-immigration, anti-trade, and parroting the caricature of conservatism doesn't make you one.  Trump's not, and I am.  Period
    2. He's intellectually lazy.   The guy could have studied the issues and brought a knowledge of the issues to the GOP primary and still have been outspoken and outrageous.  He chose instead to be a boob.   He doesn't even understand the nuclear triad, which has been the cornerstone of deterrence for almost 60 years now.  He seems to think he can just say something is going to happen, like wipe out gun free zones and 20 minutes later it'll be so.  He thinks he can get things done by executive fiat not because he wishes to flaunt the Constitution, but because he seems ignorant of its protections against such thing.
    3. The alt-right.  In case you don't know, the alt-right is those group of anti-semitic, racists, xenophobes who you often associate with Nazis.  These people are the scum of the earth and they see in Trump a sort of saviour for their White Nationalism.  His refusal to disavow these people is troubling, and their behavior online is that of people I do not wish to be associated with.  I wonder if these people know his daughter is a convert to Judaism?
    4. Shifting positions.  Don't like one of Trump's positions?  Doesn't matter, in his transformation from businessman donating to Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, to faux conservative, he's taken pretty much every position on every issue.  Of course, he's been steadfast in his love of Planned Parenthood and that they do great things.
    5. Fake Christianity.  Come on, this is the guy who's grandmother like to read from Two Corinthians and who's Easter Message, instead of being about the Grace of God and the Miracle of the Resurrection, was about how beautiful the Church was he was attending on Easter Sunday.  And this is a man wooing evangelicals while claiming he's never asked God for forgiveness.
    6. The Childish Behavior.  I like the idea of giving his opponents nicknames to define them, but lets agree that he's wiffed on Bernie and Elizabeth Warren.  Bernie should be "Bat Shit Crazy Bernie" and if he had half an ear attumed to conservatives, he'd drill in Fauxcahontas for the fake Indian.  These aren't bothersome so much as his fixation with his own hand size, and really, did we need a Presidential candidate lecturing us at a debate about the size of his manhood?  Really?
    7. Do you need more?  Ok, this was the coup de grace for me was when he suggested that he'd order the military to murder the wives and children of terrorists, and that "Yes, they'll do it."  Because, well, Trump.
    These are just in my memory.  If I did any actual research (see the masthead), I could probably get 20 reasons why this clown is not my pick and unlikely to get my vote.  Feel free to call me names, or whatever, I really don't care.  Trumpkins created this monster you own him.

    Sunday, May 22, 2016

    Libya v. Iran - Hillary as Failure

    Hillary is going to make her foreign policy "experience" a centerpiece of the Fall campaign.

    You'll see all manner of commercials about how she's "ready to lead" and "has been there" and all sorts of things like that.

    One of the signal "accomplishments" of the Hillary term at the State Department is the Libyan exercise.  We are told it was largely Hillary who pushed the Obama administration into the large role we took in Libya.

    Based largely on her instincts, we took out a dictator for sure (Gaddafi) who had previously been unfriendly to us, but in the aftermath of the Iraq war, had dismantled nuclear programs and decided to ameliorate his stance towards terrorism.  In other words, Gaddafi had looked around at what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan, and decided he didn't want to be next.

    Contrast that to another country run by autocrats, Iran.

    When the Green Revolution broke out in 2009, the Obama administration stood by the Mullahs, rather than support the rebels in this cause.  Many believe they did this because Obama sought a nuclear arrangement with them, and didn't want the chaos.

    Sometimes you have to pick the bully you want to side with because it's in your country's best interest, and sometimes you have to let "your" guy go, gambling on your long term interest.  It's hard at the time to know, but, results are in, and we chose wrong on both these occasions.

    These are not Hillary Clinton "accomplishments."

    Judged by results, these are failures.  And we're not even into the Russian "Reset", Benghazi, or how Egypt was handled.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016

    Trump: Please say no (or Nyet?)

    Ok folks, Donald Trump has now become a Kennedy assassination conspiracist, linking Ted Cruz's father to it:

    "Donald Trump on Tuesday alleged that Ted Cruz’s father was with John F. Kennedy’s assassin shortly before he murdered the president, parroting a National Enquirer story claiming that Rafael Cruz was pictured with Lee Harvey Oswald handing out pro-Fidel Castro pamphlets in New Orleans in 1963.

    A Cruz campaign spokesperson told the Miami Herald, which pointed out numerous flaws in the Enquirer story, that it was “another garbage story in a tabloid full of garbage.”

    “His father was with Lee Harvey Oswald prior to Oswald’s being -- you know, shot. I mean, the whole thing is ridiculous,” Trump said Tuesday during a phone interview with Fox News. “What is this, right prior to his being shot, and nobody even brings it up. They don’t even talk about that. That was reported, and nobody talks about it.”

    "I mean, what was he doing — what was he doing with Lee Harvey Oswald shortly before the death? Before the shooting?” Trump continued. “It’s horrible.”

    Seriously people, this man has been a Birther, a 9/11 Truther and now this.

    What's next, UFO's are real and aliens are being harbored by the government?

    Donald Trump is a batshit crazy man, and those of you who support him deserve the shellacking he's going to get, and good.

    The GOP may survive and return in full force in 2018, after 2 years of Democrat rule and the disastrous Hillary administration.  I guess I'll just have to hold my nose until then, unless the GOP voters wake up and start taking corrective action tonight in Indiana.

    Like many, I agree if Trump wins Indiana, it's basically over, barring a miracle.  

    Sunday, May 1, 2016

    The Top 1% Strike Back

    Recently, a Facebook meme was running around of a dog riding a turtle's back.  I likened it to Bernie Sanders' America, where the freeloaders ride the working man.

    Of course, someone decided the freeloaders were the top 1%.

    I asked, at what percentage do people stop being freeloaders to the Sanders supporters.  Is it acceptable to be in the top 10% of American earners?  The top 20%?  Seriously, where is the line so the Sanders proletariat will not come and trash your home and demand your earnings be redistributed to them (ostensibly)?

    (In case you're wondering, CNN has a handy chart here so you can place yourself on the graph).

    This got me thinking.  I know we're not in the top 1%, but, where is my family on the continuum (answer, between 10 and 20%) and how did we get there, and how do I feel about it.

    So, here's our story.  I am not ashamed that we're not in the 1%, nor do I have any aspirations to be, and maybe that explains better than anything else ever could why we are not.

    We are, however, in the top 20% and that's not a bad place to be.  It allows my famuly, and most American families to live comfortably, put kids through college, and have lots of other fine choices.  You never go hungry, you can afford premium cable AND Netflix, and you can send your kids to private schools if you wish.  That may take some sacrifice (back to basic cable!) for some families, but, the choice is there.  The top 20%, yes, is a good place to be.

    It's not without its drawbacks.  I am sure many families, like mine, worry abotu what happens if the primary breadwinner has something happen.  A layoff, an injury, an illness that precludes working anymore.  I expect many in this category don't have a great deal of non-retirement savings, or if they do, that it would stretch the one to two years that most financial advisors recommend.  In that way, even people in the top 20% are somewhat at risk of financial calamity.

    Still, I'd rather be here, financially, then the bottom 20%.  Those in the top 20% are making about 5x what those in the bottom are.  Whether it buys happiness, I don't think so.  Just some security.

    For those Sanderites who might think I got here on the backs of the "working man," let me explain that my family did this by having 2 breadwinners for most of the time, and for myself, I have worked 2 jobs for 30 years.  Sadly, one of those is forcing me to retire next year.  So, we'll be losing that income source, which is sad.  Still, in my full time job, I have worked 9, 10, 11 hour days for 25 years, with some shift work in there early on.  I've always enjoyed what I do, but in my industry, it's a somewhat tumultuous time, so, security has been a little wanting for the last 10 years or so.  Still, we've thrived.

    What would it take to get into that top 1%.  Well, if there are willing working men for me to climb over, I have yet to spot them.  Maybe the Sanders crowd can point me to those people.  They make it seem like it's so easy to get into the top 1%, you just need some wiling dupes to hand you their money...or something.

    I've worked in Corporate America for 25 years now,  and I know some of the executives are in that top 1% (>$430k/year).  I'll agree that these people don't always seem like the greatest leaders to me, but they have done things and been willing to do things, that I have not, and even though I'm pretty arrogant, I am willing to admit they are probably smarter than me.  But, I'll tell you one thing I know they are more than me - willing to take risks. When we talk about the super rich in this group, the Bill Gates', the Zuckerbergs, Elon Musk, Warran Buffet, etc, what they all share is a willingness to bet everything on an idea, on their faith in their own ability.  It is a rare quality and it is something that sets the 1% apart from the rest of us.  Many of us down here in the top 10-20% possess all the same intellect, much the same schooling, and even the same hopes and dreams, but what we aren't willing to do is risk it all.

    Many of these people fail, and spectacularly, but they try again, and in their success, they don't step on working people, they lend them a hand, by creating successful businesses that enable the working guy to earn enough money, to go to school, to learn, to put themselves in a position to risk it all, and join them.

    So, I'm sick and tired of hearing about the top 1% and income inequality.

    Instead of being envious of people willing to take risks, why don't you try joining them, or benefitting directly from them, instead of stealing from them,

    Just about #nevertrump

    I have come very close to being in the #nevertrump camp, and my hope is that Trump does not get to 1237 delegates before he convention and that his high water mark is on the first ballot, when he fails to garner a majority.

    After that, I pray the delegates wise up and consider nominees who are:
    1. Not Trump and
    2. Not Kasich and 
    3. Electable
    I like Ted Cruz, I love that he's tabbed Carly Fiorina, one of my early choices, to be his running mate, should he get the nomination, but, Ted's negative numbers in the general electorate, while not in the Trump stratosphere, are bad.

    So, unbound, I am hopeful the GOP convention delegates will look for a compromise candidate, someone like a governor with some decent name recognition who wasn't pummeled by Donald Trump as low energy.  So, I will be just fine with Scott Walker, who was my absolute FIRST choice, or Rick Perry.  

    Either of these guys will do, and I might even say - let Trump pick the VP candidate as a consolation prize.

    Sure, this shuts out Cruz from the ticket, but he's going to replace Scalia anyway.

    Your thoughts?

    Tuesday, April 5, 2016

    The Rantings of a Mad Man

    Why does the LGBTQ lobby insist in bashing the religious whenever they trot out their "equal rights" memes?

    The Constitution guarantees equal rights under the law for all Americans. Then, the SCOTUS added a right of "dignity" to justify same-sex marriage across the land. It would have happened anyway, state-by-state, but ok, they cut to the chase. 

    We were told by this lobby that was all they wanted - the right to marry and most of us were just fine with that and really saw this as a great opportunity to remove the state's monopoly on the marriage business. After all, why should some county clerk be the person who approves of my marriage?

    But, as so often happens with the Left, they lied. 

    They're interested in marriage equality, to be sure, but a good number of this lobby seem interested in retribution.

    Even the mildest of attempts to provide legal protections to the religious - in Indiana, NC, Georgia were either  watered down to useless or defeated altogether because just making it illegal for states to deny marriage to same sex couples isn't enough. Church's must allow their clergy to officiate, they must allow their property to be used in these ceremonies, or risk fines, jail time, or greater monetary damages at the hands of the police power of the state.

    I unfriended someone yesterday because a post on her timeline equated the religious to nazi's. This is the nature of debate with doctrinaire liberals. You'd think after 25 years of engaging them, I'd just laugh when the Nazi comparisons start. Want to see modern day Nazi's? Just travel to the Middle East and see what they do with women and gays.  Oh wait, the unfollowed one did this and came back impressed at how much the Saudi's respect women! By cracky, they keep them separated from men and veiled to protect them. Listen, honey, I didn't comment then, but that is serious Kool-Aid right there. The person who believes this is a huge gay rights person here, in the safety of her Constitutionally protected free speech zone. Call me when you or your brother are defending gay rights in Iran, ok? That's when I'll remove my block. 

    But, I digress. 

    I am sick and tired of this crap from this group. You will not win over the hearts and minds of the majority of people with these hateful tactics. 

    Like Trumpkins, I am convinced you can't be reasoned with. Your hatred of religion and/or those who don't share your pieties is palpable . It disgusts me. Therefore YOU disgust me and I have no need of disgusting people. 

    Except to bash them as the Freedom hating fascists they are, or hope to be. Call it cathartic. 

    YOU need to consider that the desire for vengeance that these groups have is unhealthy for you and for this country. 

    It will be the end of us and Trump is only the first giant symptom screaming "we want our country back." He may be beaten back, because many of his natural supporters (like me) find him so unacceptable.  Unlike you liberal fascists, we don't think the answer to Fascism is our own Fascist leader. It would be ideal to return the nation to First Principles. And soon. 

    But keep down this path, and there will come a leader who is acceptable to this mass of people who are also, like me, sick and tired, and that leader may be able to seduce enough of us to win.

    Either that is going to happen or this country is simply going to divide. And the American experiment will have died with it. 

    I take no pleasure in that statement.  It saddens me that for many reasons we are seeing the end of the country.  We were the indispensable country and I am proud to have been part of it that defeated communism and freed so many across the globe from the tyranny of despots. It should be no surprise that the freest today are the former Eastern European countries, as they know best the iron fist of totalarianism.