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    Monday, December 1, 2008

    Sarah Palin Stumps for Saxby

    Today the wife, youngest daughter, and I made it over to the big Palin/Chambliss rally at the Gwinnett Arena.

    I'd estimate there were about 4000-5000 present. I guess that's not too shabby for a run-off election event. Sarah Palin is the big draw. No one would have attended without her, so it's a good idea for Chambliss to end his campaign with the biggest, most exciting attraction.

    The event, for us, was only marred, because some of the more aggressive adults pushed youngest daughter out of the way to get to Sarah for an autograph, breaking a 13 year old's heart. Some old men just gotta get close to greatness, I suspect.

    As for the speech by Sarah, it was a pretty vanilla stump speech. I can't really get past her diction and speaking style, but, the regular folks seem to lap it up, and she always has a few good applause lines. I just wish she had better speechwriters, and didn't seem to ramble on sometimes.

    I'd say 3,000-5,000 present. The AJC was there and the report is pretty accurate. Note they said about 1000 for the Martin/Ludacris event. Otherwise, she's a great draw and worth the short trip to see her.

    Here are a few action shots.

    Mom and Daughter await Sarah

    Some of the crowd



    Sarah speaking

    The back side of the arena, with the press stand.


    Navy Blue Cougar said...

    Hope you had a good time, Jay. I am not a big fan of Sarah Palin, but I am a big fan of people getting involved with the political process. It's great to remind our political leaders that we care. Sorry about your daughter not getting to meet Sarah. Lot's of jerks out there, I guess.

    reddog said...

    Nice to see Sarah out and about. The election Tuesday will focus all eyes on Georgia. I have a good friend who lives in a wide spot in the road South of Atlanta called, believe it or not, Gay. I'll call him up today and see what he thinks is going on.

    This is really the first election of the next cycle. The South needs to start voting Democratic again. It will happen. The question is when. It could be a couple more decades or it could be tomorrow.

    mgreenspan said...

    Awesome. Cool to see Randell there. I met Bob Dole at some Nike run charity fundraiser thing in high school. It is always neat to actually meet the big name politicians in person. Like shaking Rumsfeld's hand at graduation.