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    Sunday, December 5, 2010

    You can't make this sh%t up department...(NSFW)

    This weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing the first of my nephews married.

    It was a fun experience, and a great getaway for the wife and I.  We traveled to Philadelphia, my nephew's most recent stop on his world tour courtesy of the United States Air Force (and home to one of my own sisters) and a place where I spent a few weeks as a youth.

    All in all, despite what W.C. Fields said, Philadelphia is a great city to visit, a wonderful Northeastern city with a vibrant urban life, lots of unique and good food, and history to rival few other cities.  It may be the most important city in Colonial America.

    I recommend Philly as a great place to visit.  Maybe you'd prefer it in warmer weather, but, hey, we don't schedule these things.

    In the you can't make this crap up department, the wedding was held at a South Philly establishment known as the Magic Gardens.  You can read all about the Magic Gardens and how it and the artists who were inspired by it and for it saved South Philly from becoming an expressway here.  The Magic Gardens is such a part of Philly lore and South Philly culture, that they were visited by First Lady Michelle Obama and the First Daughters back in August 2009.  The liked it so much, they penned this letter:

    The letter says:
    "Thank you so much for passing along the clay tiles and the terrific photos from our trip to Philadelphia's Magic Gardens.  It is such a special place, and it is exciting to hear that our tiles are now on display as part of your beautiful public art.  The girls and I had a wonderful time visiting Philadelphia and we won't soon forget your truly unique contribution to your community.  Thank you again for everything and I wish you all the best"
    Michelle Obama

    I'm going to say that, as a wedding location, despite being eclectic, perhaps it could best be described as an appropriate place due to its ability to promote fertility.  And by fertility, I mean the chief artist, Isiah Zagar and his followers clearly have an emphasis on the male and female sexual form - sometimes cleverly, and oftentimes not-so-cleverly embedded in the art at Magic Gardens. I also find it interesting that Michelle Obama and the Obamakids found this place so interesting, too.  Let me tell you, I won't soon forget my visit to the Magic Gardens either.

    Here are some NSFW examples of the art, again, IN PLAIN VIEW, and in not-so-plain view in this place (and, folks, it ain't that big of a place). Beware, penises ahead (oh, there are many more, I just got tired of taking pictures of penises, lest someone think I was a lecher):


    Jackie N. said...

    Jay, your photos truly say it all. The only thing that would make this even more hilarious would be find out that public money helped fund this "art."

    poppov said...

    I'm surprised they don't have a touch display there to round it out.