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    Saturday, May 21, 2011

    Twitter - still great after all these years

    As some know, I am a big fan and user of twitter.  In fact, you have a better chance of finding me on twitter than at this blog.

    Twitter has several things going for it that I enjoy:

    • It's immediate.  Those of us watching our twitter feeds on the night OBL was killed, knew it very soon.  The rest of you, waited.
    • It forces you to think in 140 character thoughts.
    • You can follow a heck of a lot of people quicker than web surfing, and even using a good RSS reader.
    • Many dedicated tweeps will respond in real time.  Want to take Buster Olney to task for something he has reported on ESPN, he may respond.
    • You can engage in real time conversations over whatever topic you want, pretty much whenever you want.
    • It's a good way to actually find out how the other side thinks, even if that is maddening.
    • It's great on an iPhone!
    Of course, Twitter has some disadvantages:
    • If you can't express a cogent thought in 140 characters, well, forget it.
    • Your stream can move fast.
    • Some of those conversations can get stupid, real quick.
    • 140 characters at a time is not a great way to debate
    • It's addicting
    Some advice for my fellow tweeps, or those considering jumping in:
    • Don't let it rule you
    • If you engage in conversations with those with differing views, try to keep it civil, and remember that 140 character limit means you can't express complicated ideas easily, and neither can they.  Have some compassion.
    • Don't expect to change minds.  Likely the lefties are following other lefties, as you are following right-minded people.  Like I do with this blog, I usually consider that my audience is my right-wing family and friends and a few open-minded, independent thinking people.  The committed Leftists - they are only good as your foil.
    • Follow a few people who disagree with your views, it's eye-opening.
    • Related to these - keep a thick skin,  I guarantee if you're in a conversation with a Lefty, they are eventually going to get frustrated and devolve into name calling.  Get used to it, at that point, they've lost the debate and control, and this is how they react.
    Well, there you have it.  Twitter.

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