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    Wednesday, May 9, 2012

    Obama Loves Big Oil?

    The one is trying to tell us in a recent campaign ad that he's responsible for the oil imports dropping below 50%.

    While it is true that we are below 50% for the first time in years, let me remind that it does take time for oil production to ramp up. As a matter of fact, aent Liberals always telling us we can't drill now to cut oil prices, because it will take "5 years" before it gets out of the ground.

    If we stipulate that's true, then who was president 5 years ago?


    George W. Bush.

    So, Barack Obama owes this pyrrhic success to W.

    Now, lets explore the truth about this administration's record on increasing domestic oil production:

    1. They ceased production off shore after the BP spill and caused many deep water rigs to deploy elsewhere. Permitting was stopped. They devastated Gulf Coast production.
    2. They have cut way back on permitting for production on Federal lands. As much as 60%.
    3. They refused to license the Keystone XL pipeline, which will bring cheap Canadian oil to US refineries.
    4. They have waged a war on coal and hydraulic fracturing, effectively attempting to keep our plentiful supplies of cheap, affordable energy (coal and natural gas) out of the market.
    5. They have wasted billions of dollars on dubious clean energy "investments" like Solyndra and Fisker Automotive.

    While this SCFOAMF is trying to tell us that he's responsible for the decrease in oil imports, remember, George Bush did that, while this man is trying to turn us into a pauper country to suit his friends in the fake green energy sector.

    Crony capitalism/Fascism takes many forms. This president is Mussolini redux.

    Re-elect him and enjoy being France.

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