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    Thursday, June 28, 2012

    ObambiCare Survives

    In a classic case of the Supreme Court legislating (or, assisting legislators), they Court didn't rule Obamacare unconstitutional as much as they found a basis for it to be Constitutional.

    In an interpretation no one expected, nor did they ask for, the Roberts court decided the law would stand if we considered the individual mandate a tax.

    Now, I suppose if the law had been conceived and sold as containing a massive tax to fund it, it would have failed miserably in even the Pelosi Congress. So, the Dems have their law, but they have been exposed by it as big taxers, which is what they are.

    Addressing the Constitutional question with respect to the mandate under the Commerce clause, the Court said no.

    So, in what the O admin actually argued, they lost. Saved by 4 liberals and a somehow misguided Chief Justice.

    They also lost on a key funding question re:Medicaid.

    Regardless of what you think, Obamacare must head back to Congress and get seriously re-written.

    Both these rulings cause major problems for the funding mechanisms behind the law and must be addressed.

    Follow your face SCOTUS blogs as this unfolds.

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