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    Sunday, January 15, 2017

    A-Listers not needed here

    Salena Zito is the one reporter who most accurately understands the Trump voter.  She has written about them tirelessly this cycle, and she correctly predicted Trump.  Today, she explains why having no A-list celebrities at the inauguration is a feature, not a bug, of the Trump Administration.

    Most telling is this section from a 19 year old Trump supporter who will be attending the inauguration:
    Jesse Crammer, 19, can’t wait for Friday, and all he wants to see during the inauguration is President Trump’s remarks about the moment. “He is all of the celebrity I need,” said the high-school sophomore from the Keystone State. 
    “This night is about him; it is about us. It would be really cool if he opened up his remarks and asked people attending one of the balls, in particular the ball that will have our military, police and first responders in attendance, and ask them to talk about their lives. 
    “[Trump’s] message about ‘making America great’ was aspirational; it was about something bigger than ourselves, and perhaps that is what Hollywood does not get. They cannot imagine something bigger than themselves.”

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