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    Thursday, February 23, 2017

    The Democrat Party of Racism

    I hope that blacks and Hispanic people will soon become "woke" as our Prog friends like to say, to the fact that the Progressives, operating under the banner of the Democrat Party, have finally been able to do what Jim Crow and the militant wing of the Dem Party (i.e. the KKK) could not.

    That is, get a segregated society that marginalized people of color. And get those people to think that's what they want, and need, to succeed in America.

    Something called 'students4justice' at the University of Michigan is asking for
    “a permanent designated space on central campus for Black students and students of color to organize and do social justice work.”
    Over in Northampton, NH, we have a school board who cancelled a police outreach program because:
    “Concerns were shared that some kids might respond negatively to a group of uniformed officers at their school,” the police department said in a post on its Facebook page last week. "People were specifically concerned about kids of color, undocumented children, or any children who may have had negative experiences with the police."
    So, our little Prog SJWs celebrate and push for diversity by self-segregating, and we can't encourage better relations between the police and minority communities because we don't have better relations between the police and minority communities.

    Welcome to Progland, folks.

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