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    Monday, June 12, 2017

    Boeing Going Strong - Why Trump Matters

    Because even if Donald J Trump gets very little accomplished legislatively, he has significantly changed the Executive's approach to dealing with issues like trade and regulations.

    Boeing's CEO, in an interview with Aviation Week, noted:
    "What we have with President Trump is an administration that is welcoming business input. We’re glad to have a seat at the table as we think through things like trade policy, tax reform, regulatory reform and a strong and stable defense budget. The president is very good at inviting dialog and is open to ideas and inputs."
    Pressed about Boeing's business in China:
    "I think that conversation has led to a very productive engagement between the U.S. and China. President Xi [Jinping’s] visit [to the U.S.] and the dialog he had with President Trump set a very cooperative tone. The world needs more than 39,000 new commercial airplanes over the next 20 years, and almost 6,800 of those will be in China. We’ve been able to make the case to the president and his administration that a productive trade relationship with China can create this kind of mutual growth."
    Of course, Boeing wants to leverage the administration's "fair" trade stance to stop what it considers dumping by our Canadian neighbors:
    "The fact that this airplane is being sold to customers in Canada at a much higher price than it’s being sold to [Delta Air Lines] should also provide pause. It’s clearly a classic dumping case. We stand on the principle of a fair and level playing field for trade."
    Trump's trade and immigration rhetoric will turn out to have been mostly bluster.  He's turning out to be much more a mainline conservative republican, in the mold of, oh, Marco Rubio.

    He just needs to ignore the ongoing attempts by Democrats and the Media to smear and slow him down, and get to work on doing the work the American people sent him there to do (and keep saying that, like Bill Clinton, over and over and over).

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