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    Friday, January 11, 2008

    CNN attempts to smear Marine Officers

    Being out and about today getting a flu shot with a couple of shipmates, we had the opportunity to watch some CNN and the reports about the 8 months pregnant Marine who is missing and presumed killed. CNN, in their usual anti-military fashion, was featuring a scroll, during the Sheriff's press conference, saying she had "accused a superior officer of raping her." Unfamiliar with the case, I caught a little audio saying she was a Lance Corporal, and jokingly mentioned to my co-workers, I bet he's a Corporal and CNN wants everyone in America to think this was a a superior officer. Well, now that I am back in my room and able to watch Fox News, I am vindicated, the accused was....a Corporal. CNN has this right over at cnn.com, but, shame on CNN for their either ignorant, or scurrilous attempts to make it seem that this was an act between an Officer and a junior enlisted person, vice what were essentially two co-workers.


    Subvet said...

    With this in mind I'm remembering how Jayson Blair was sacked at the NY Times for blatant lying, how the LA Times doctored a front page photo so that it appeared a US soldier was pointing a gun at unarmed Iraqi civilians, the "guilty till proven innocent" MSM mentality about the supposed atrocities of the Haditha 8 (now down to 2 and counting).

    I'd guess the first rule of journalism is, "Lie like hell, it sells better than the truth".

    Jay said...

    I'd just like to say that I am not trying to cast any aspersions on enlisted members, I just am trying to point out that either the producers at CNN or ignoramouses, or, they realize that the story sounds much more shocking if they say she accused a "superior officer" of rape. The facts are the accused was not an officer, and is barely her superior.