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    Tuesday, January 22, 2008

    iPod keeps blogger from blogging

    Well, I haven't posted in a while. I have been learning the vagaries of iTunes, since my family surprised me with an iPod Touch for Christmas this year. Those who know me, know I am a Windows bigot(warts and all). I appreciate the Mac commercials and their gentle poking of fun at Windows. But, I secretly pray that Windows-guy will punch that smarmy Mac guy in the face just once (like in this parody). People in the technology world like to lambast Microsoft's unwillingness to make all their intellectual property open source, but, hey, Apple is the most proprietary and closed company in the industry. I guess no one's slamming them because they only have what, 8% of the market, and outside of publishing, very little in businesses.

    That said, my daughter is on her second iPod (the first Mini needed to be replaced by the newer Nano, just because) and my son received an iPod Touch when they were first released. I stuck by my trusty and easy to use Sansa M260, mainly because I didn't need the virus iTunes to get my music on it. I admit after the princess gave up her original Mini, I took it and started to enjoy it, and, after seeing the interface on the iPhone, and my son's Touch, decided that was the killer GUI, especially for an MP3 player. Anyway, I have a rather large CD collection, and have been spending the last month getting album art into itunes and onto my iPod. Anyway, if you listen to music, you should look at the iPhone and iPod touch.

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