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    Monday, June 16, 2008

    RIMPAC coming to a state near you...

    Since the wife and I are in Hawaii vacationing, I thought I'd provide a little local focus today. RIMPAC starts soon, and the Hawaiians are looking for a little economic boost from the exercise. Participating submarines will be coming from the South Koreans and Japanese, as well as the Key West, Los Angeles, and Santa Fe, according to this Star-Bulletin article.

    Oh, here is the obligatory "postcard" shot of Waikiki from Diamond Head:


    blunoz said...

    Glad you made it to Hawaii safely. How'd you like those stairs going up Diamond Head? Great view from up there! Enjoy your vacation!

    Jay said...

    Thanks mucho! Your help was much appreciated, and I'll post an entry later this week. Back home safely.