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    Wednesday, January 28, 2009

    Congressman Tom Price - A Stand-up guy

    Yesterday, politico.com published this article about a conservative Georgia congressman defending the GOP congressional leadership.

    However, in their initial version of this, they attributed the quotes to my representative, Tom Price, instead of Phil Gingrey. I immediately fired off a missive to Congressman Price, so shocked was I that in perhaps the reddest district in Georgia he would say such a thing.

    Anyway, he was kind enough to reply today, which I do appreciate. Of course, Congressman Price laid a big fat kiss on Rush, "Rush Limbaugh is one of the country's strongest conservative voices, and I appreciate his work in making sure that Republicans return to the majority."

    So, Congressman, thank you, and I won't be making that primary challenge now.

    By the way, Gingrey was on all the big talkers today (Rush, Hannity, who knows who else) making his apologies.


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