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    Saturday, January 31, 2009

    Daschle Stinks to high heaven

    Yet another tax cheat is running into some hot water trying to get through his nomination.

    This time, it's Tom Daschle, former leader of the Senate's Dems. And, he owed over $130k in unreported taxes, until, of course, he had to come clean. As John Hineraker, at Powerline pointed out, this does have the side benefit of helping to collect a bunch of unpaid taxes.

    But, will we see a handful of Republicans again cave in to BHO's interest and confirm this cheat?

    For those who don't recall, Tom and Linda Daschle have a long history of questionable financial dealings, usually tied to Linda's position as an aviation industry lobbyist.

    Tom Daschle may be the most wonderful man in the history of the world to lead HHS, but, he's surely there's some other Liberal Democrat who doesn't carry the same stinking baggage as him.


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