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    Wednesday, May 20, 2009

    Idol Finale!

    Last night, we saw Adam and Kris sing it off. Based on last night alone, Adam would be the winner.

    But, that's not how people vote. Kris has a loyal following, and my prediction is a Kris victory. He is much more contemporary (think Jason Mraz) and in tune with what the 12-25 year old set is listening to these days.

    Adam really would make a great front man for a rock and roll band, with his ability to belt those big vocals out and seemingly sing all night. On his own, well, he's just a tad bit weird, and androgynous.

    Dialidol.com has Kris leading, barely. They have underestimated his vote all season, so, I think he's the winner when all is said and done.

    Don't be surprised, you read it here first.


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