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    Saturday, March 20, 2010

    March. Madness.

    Well, it's NCAA tourney time, and although I failed to fill out a bracket, it's just as much fun watching games and seeing upsets.

    Today Northern Iowa beat everyone's favorite, Kansas.  Let's hope tomorrow's health care vote has as much success as the Big O's NCAA bracket (it's not looking too good now).

    The Big East has turned into the Big Easy, with Villanova, Georgetown, Marquette, and Notre Dame all going down.  Of course, with about the entire conference in the tourney, the Big East has plenty of chances remaining.  The ACC has been just ok, 3 of the 4 teams advanced to the second round, and Wake is stinking it up against the best team remaining (Kentucky) in the tournament.  My alma mater, Georgia Tech, played one their best games of the year to nudge Oklahoma State, and has to face Ohio State (the best 2 seed) next.  If OSU gets past Tech, it should be smooth sailing for them to the final four. Already a ten seed, St. Mary's (knocked off Villanova), and an 11 seed (Washington) have advanced to the sweet sixteen.  Cornell (12), Missouri (10) and GT (10) remain high seeds with a chance to advance.  I give Cornell the best chance, with Tech having an outside shot.  I think West Virginia will be too much for Mizzou.

    So, a pretty good tournament so far.  Of these high seeds, I give St. Mary's the best chance to make it to the final four.  They have to get past Baylor, and then the top half of that bracket, while intact, is the weakest of the four, with Duke an (undeserving?) one seed.

    Enjoy the games!

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