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    Thursday, March 25, 2010

    Repeal, Replace with something that'll work and not cost zillions of $

    As if you didn't know Obama's goal was a single payer, nationalized health care system, here was an exchaneg with a heckler today, as reported by AP:

    Challenged by a young man in the audience who shouted several times, "What about the public option," a liberal-backed proposal for the creation of a government-sponsored plan to compete with private insurers, Obama said: "We couldn't get it through Congress."
    "This legislation is not perfect, as you just heard," the president said. "But what this is, is a historic step to enshrine the principle that everybody gets health care coverage in this country, every single person."
    So, a first "step" to the "perfect" legislation.

    The real problem with Obamacare isn't just the bad policy items within it, but the over-regulation of the medical insurance industry and it's the creation of a new entitlement that will be difficult to repeal, and nearly impossible to reform.  The best chance to fix this is immediately, before it has sunk its tentacles into the middle class, and we get really rolling on that long march to permanent second rate nation status.

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