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    Saturday, April 3, 2010

    Economic Signs starting to look good...

    The Weekly Standard's Irwin Stelzer looks at this week's economic news, and he likes what he sees, at least for the short term.  There is no doubt that the mountain of debt and large tax increases we're piling up is going to cause inflation and a crowding out of investment dollars in the longer term, but, for now, signs are good for a continuation of the recovery we're in, and maybe even for people to get back to work.

    The housing industry has a way to go to recover, but, even there, there are som eencouraging signs.

    Keep your fingers crossed that the economy continues to improve, and maybe a big GOP win in November will return some fiscal sanity (maybe.  That will be the message, if the GOP can figure it out) and get our long-term house in order, and we can offer real health care reform that doesn't break the bank, and keep taxes relatively low, while paying off the stimulus and returning GM and Chrysler to investors.


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