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    Saturday, April 24, 2010

    Lack of posting...YOU get more Steyn. And, you get to keep your head (for now!)

    I haven't posted in a while. So sorry.

    Anyway, lots going on here.  I finally have blooms on my Irises.  They grew so big I need tomato stakes to hold them up.

    The rest of the garden is doing nicely, and my Grand Cherokee is repaired and now the hatch can be opened again! Meaning...more garden items can be brought home.

    Anyway, back to politics.

    Mark Steyn compares Bill Clinton's demonization of Tea Partiers to the treatment the "edgy and hip" Cartoon Network gave to the South Park episode lampooning (somewhat) Mohammed (you know, the guy the Islamofacscists all say we can't lampoon, or do much else negative about, without fear of losing, well, you know, our minds...via beheading).

    At any rate, Wild Bill took to the airwaves this week to remind everyone that those nasty granma's hanging out at those wild and crazy riots otherwise known as Tea Party rallies, are not only mind-numbed homophobic, seditious, racists, but also (dramatic drumroll)..... terrorists!  Of the Tim McVeigh variety.

    As Steyn points out, "they’ve got everything in common. They both want to reduce the size of government, the late Mr. McVeigh through the use of fertilizer bombs, the tea partiers through control of federal spending."

    At least the Democrats have their national security priorities in place.  As Steyn says, "Don’t worry about Iran’s nuclear program, but if you meet a tea-party supporter waving some placard about the national debt, try not to catch his eye and back away slowly without making any sudden movements, lest he put down his placard and light up his suicide belt."

    Turning his attention to the Comedy Central/South Park incident, Steyn takes us through the "courage" of the Left.  Read the whole thing, but, the courage of the Left boils down to this,

    "In the end, Comedy Central has incentivized Islamic violence and nothing much else. Nevertheless, we should be grateful to its jelly-spined executives for reminding us that the cardboard heroes of the American media are your go-to guys for standing up to entirely fictitious threats. But for real ones? Not so much."

    If the Left wasn't around for sad comic relief, we'd have to invent them.

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