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    Thursday, July 29, 2010

    White House admits: Criminals need their unemployment checks, too!

    I love this administration.

    I mean seriously LOVE them.  They are completely incompetent.

    On the same day they were sacking Shirley Sherrod, Bam Bam was pushing the need to extend unemployment benefits and using this criminal, Leslie Macko, who was probably sacked due to her prescription drug abuse and theft charges as the poster girl for extending these benefits.

    Does Bam know that Al Qaeda is not making any effort to whack him?  They do no vetting of the party crashers, and now they have a convicted criminal front and center on extending unemployment benefits.I mean, come on, has there been a job not saved over in the White House vetting office???

    I guess it's fitting that the figure the Left trots out as an example of why we need to extend unemployment benefits yet again is a convicted pill-poppin' mama.

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