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    Sunday, September 19, 2010

    College Football 2010

    (Update: Corrected SEC west to East for Tech/Clemson below.)

    I realize it's three weeks into the 2010 college football season, so I am joining this party late, but, given that so many of my loyal readers attended or have strong ties to the University of Cheating (oops, I mean North Carolina), I wanted to get this week behind me before I decided to say anything about the CFB season.

    With Georgia Tech's 30-24 dispatching of UNC yesterday (in Chapel Hill, with 12 cheaters still ineligible for UNC), Tech finally played a decent game, running up about 450 yards in offense and holding UNC to 1 TD in the second half. This makes Tech 2-1 with the embarrassing loss to Kansas (who has lost to North Dakota state and Southern Miss) standing out.

    Carolina, of course, hamstrung by their NCAA restrictions, is 0-2.  They still might be, at full strength, the best team in the Coastal Division.  We'll see.

    Out of conference, the ACC continues to embarrass.  Clemson played a great first half against Auburn, then sucked in the second half when Kyle Parker got hurt and their Freshman kicker missed a FG in overtime to give Auburn the come-from-behind victory.

    Wake Forest got their butts handed to them by Stanford, and Maryland looked like an FCS opponent against West Virginia, and Duke against Alabama...well, it's Duke.  Only NC State shellacking a reeling Cincinnati team, FSU's rout of a rotten BYU, and Virginia Tech taking out its revenge against EZU redeemed the ACC this weekend.

    Against significant competition, the ACC is 5-10 this season (5-11 if you count VT vs. James Madison).  Not good for a conference who wants to remain in the BCS.

    My solution to this is for the ACC to abandon football and turn its teams loose.

    I propose that Clemson, Georgia Tech and FSU join the SEC, along with one of Texas, TCU or Oklahoma.  Tech and Clemson join the SEC East and send FSU and one of those other teams to the SEC West, which really needs some competition.

    Maybe the ACC needs to give it up altogether, or combine with the Big East and become a mid-major football conference and a killer basketball conference.  Everyone knows that the Big Ten wants Maryland and Maryland wants to be in the Big Ten.  Would the Big 10 also take BC?  That would leave the Tobacco road schools - VT, Virginia, the Big Four and Miami.  Would that make a massively unwieldy Big East?  Probably.

    Just something has to be done about the pathetic state of ACC football..

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