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    Thursday, January 20, 2011

    I'm still here...is Sarah Palin?

    Wow, I haven't posted in 3 weeks.

    Post Christmas is always hectic around here.  And, I have to admit a bit of a cooling off has been going on politically for me.  The euphoria of November passed into the lamest duck session and now the GOP is set to do what they were elected to do - reduce the size and scope of government's intrusion into the American people's and American businesses lives.

    I didn't post about the Tuscon shooting, because the attacks from the Left were so predictable and so outrageous, that it just felt stupid to even address it.  Sarah Palin needs to learn one of the cardinal rules of politics - when your opponents are destroying themselves, sit back and let them.

    As many of you may know, I am a fan of Sarah Palin.  I can't see her being a worse president than the one who currently occupies the office, but, in a sea of good GOP candidates, I don't see her as the best.  I also think she better serves the conservative cause (today) by NOT being a candidate, especially if she's going to go into defensive attack mode at every opportunity.  Personally, I wish she had just stayed above things post-Tuscon.  Issued a written statement, and let it sit there.  Enough people were lambasting the Left, especially as the facts came out and we found out that Jared Loughner was certainly more influenced by Adolph Hitler, Chairman Mao and Lenin than he was Limbaugh, Hannity, and Palin.

    Even 60 Minutes spent a segment explaining the quixotic nature of political assassins.

    I have other reasons why I don't think Palin is ready for 2012, but that's the subject of another (and previous) posts.


    NadePaulKuciGravMcKi said...

    all israel all the time sarah palin

    Sandy Salt said...

    I am going to have to agree with you that Palin is not the best because she is not what this country needs right now. She would do better to renew her TV show and spend time raising money for good candidates across the country. She should have let the nut bags self emulate with all their theories because when you wrestle with a pig you only get dirty and the pig loves it.

    Jay said...

    Sandy - you've hit my sentiments on her. I like her, and I like that she stirs something in the long silent average Americans.

    I think she does have a tendency to get into the mud with these idiots, and I'd like to see her get above that.

    I also dismiss comparisons of her to Ronald Reagan. Despite what the press said about Reagan, he was a student of politics and history and was in his entire adult life engaged in the political sphere, from his days in the SAG to when he supported Goldwater in 64 to being CA governor.

    He was an incredibly well studied man, and could articulate difficult to understand issues so that the average Joe could comprehend them. His rise to power was the result of years of work in the political sphere.

    Palin has simply not accomplished that. I do not think it's a case of lacking the mental acuity to do it, but it's a case of lacking the will, especially in today's "do it now" political world.

    She's young enough to spend 4 or 12 years becoming an intelligent, articulate spokeswoman for Conservative causes, but, she's not there yet.

    Sandy Salt said...


    Who are you leaning towards in 2012? I have my eye on Daniels and Cain either individually or as a set. I think they have the business sense (Cain) and the solid governing background (Daniels) to actually do this country some good. I like Christie, but I have to agree with him that he needs more time to make his bones in NJ. I am unsure anyone can push the Joker out if the economy is doing the same or better because the white educated females won't abandon him unless the economy is completely in the crapper and they are losing their jobs.