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    Saturday, January 1, 2011

    Our "New" Bimmer comes to Atlanta

    I have posted the pictures we took of our trip from Yardley to Atlanta, bringing our newest garage member home.

    Our route took us by air to Philly, where we received a whirlwind tour of the city (Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, City Hall), a not-so-whirlwind tour of the huge King of Prussia Mall, then a nice dinner with my sister's family, a short stop to visit our other Philly cousin and take her present to her, followed by rest.

    Day 2 took us from Yardley, via Gettysburg, to Greensboro, to my folks' home.  It's a nice trip, PA Turnpike to US-15 to Gettysburg, then some nice backroads to get you to I-70 in Maryland, then onto I-81 and through Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia, where you hit US-220 to Greensboro.  I remembered that US-220 route from taking my Great Aunt back and forth years ago.  But, do it in the dark, in a car with pretty weak low beams, and try to maintain 65mph.  Scary, but fun.

    After some famous Stamey's NC BBQ, we took a rest, and on day 3, washed the car, cleaned it out, and headed down I-85 for the 5 hour trip home.  Quick, and easy, and daughter got her lunch at Panera Bread (in Concord, NC).

    Everyone arrived back home happy and tired.  And ready for New Year's.


    Sandy Salt said...

    How did you come down from Gettysburg to I-70? I lived in that area for a year and you are correct that there is some beautiful country. You also spent some time in the Eastern Panhandle of WV where you could see your TARP tax dollars hard at work from Hagerstown, MD through Martinsburg, WV, right on into Winchester, VA. That road was in good shape before TARP, so they repaved the whole thing in preparation of adding a lane to each side. So those millions spent on repaving are basically flushed.

    Glad you made it safe.

    Jackie N. said...

    We wondered if the blizzard was going to cause you to postpone your trip. Glad you made it up there and back safely and feel like the car was worth it!

    Jay said...

    Sandy - I don't really remember where we cut from 15 to 70. The GPS just suddenly had us exit and we were on a beautiful mountain road cutting through along a stream that was mostly frozen. It was short (maybe less than 30 minutes) but really nice and pretty and took us over to 70 which we took West to Hagerstown where we picked up 81 and, yes, the road is pretty nice through WV. We stopped in Winchester for lunch, then went to my folks' in Greensboro.

    Sandy Salt said...

    It sounds like you went through beautiful Catoctin, which is amazing.

    It chapped my butt that they spent so much money repaving I-81 to find out that it would have to be torn up to widen the road. This fact was fully known before the repaving, but they wasted the money anyway. I still own a house in Martinsburg and it drove me nuts every day on my drive to and from Fredericksburg, MD.