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    Saturday, January 21, 2012

    Newt, the new Churchill? I have a different former world leader in mind...

    South Carolina's primary is over and Newt Gingrich has come back from the dead to stick a fork in Mitt Romney and the establishment GOP's eyes.

    First Romney, Charles Krauthammer on Fox tonight brought out the problem I have with Romney, that he doesn't appear comfortable with his experience on Wall Street and his own wealth.  Hey man, my advice to Romney, OWN IT!  You earned what you got, don't try to act like your $390k in speaking fees was nothing.  Say that you got paid to make speeches and you got paid handsomely, and you're not ashamed of it.  

    Now Newt.

    Some (including Newt) want to compare Newt's resurgence and resilience to Churchill's.  I have a different thought.  He's brilliant.  We all see that.  He's a master rhetorician (much better than Obama, who merely knows how to deliver a speech).  We all want to see those 7 Lincoln-Douglas style debates between Newt and Obama (we won't), but we'd settle for Newt trailing Obama across the country rebutting everything he says during the election. 

    He has ideas, some of them semi-kooky, and many of them thought provoking and worth trying, and he can articulate them. 

    He has worked in Congress and gotten legislation passed in a divided government.  Legislation (Welfare Reform, Balanced Budgets) that I might add were a heck of a lot better for the country than anything Obama got passed with large Democrat majorities (Obamacare, Stimulus 1, Stimulus 2).

    But, he has clearly led a deeply flawed personal life and has made many enemies along the way.  He's asked for forgiveness and he's used the press as the bogeyman arguing they have an agenda against any Conservative candidate.

    There may be some Churchillian characteristics, and I encourage you to read the many articles available making those comparisons.  I,. however, have a different comparison, and I think it's one Newt might want to make, because I think he's more akin to Bill Clinton than to Winston Churchill. 

    I don't think that's a bad thing.

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