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    Friday, January 27, 2012

    Sub Building Will Slow Under Latest Pentagon Budget

    From today's New York Times, the proposed DoD budget will slow the replacement of Ohio SSBN's, the larger Virginia Tomahawk shooter, and slow SSN construction.

    "[Defense Secretary Leon] Panetta said the Navy would delay its long-range plans to build a new nuclear-powered missile submarine by two years to ease the current budget pressures and help start the program on a more solid footing.

    "Pentagon officials have said that the new missile submarines would eventually replace the aging Ohio-class subs, which carry nuclear missiles and could cost $5 billion each. Pentagon officials said they also would delay construction of one Virginia-class attack submarine, two coastal combat ships and a large amphibious ship to reduce short-term costs.

    "The Pentagon said it also planned to redesign the Virginia-class subs, which are smaller than the Ohio-class subs."

    Not sure the details on the delayed Virginia construction.

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