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    Sunday, February 26, 2012

    Obama crusade continues.

    I am convinced Barack Obama is on a crusade.

    He's working to either actively become the absolute worst president in history, or he's trying to seem incompetent and just pave the way for the ultimate downfall of the United States.

    I just can't say exactly whether he's an evil genius, intent on the destruction of America, or if he's just the perfect example of the Peter Principle for Liberals.

    This week should scare people.  This guy clearly cares not a whit about our Constitution or our survival as a country.
    • He continues to allow Iran to build a bomb, which they will use first on Israel, then on us.
    • He fiddles and politiks while gas prices march toward $5/gallon.
    • He apologizes to people (Muslims) who have no special concern for forgiveness over the burning of Korans in Afghanistan.  While Americans are murdered over this stupidity, he doesn't demand the Afghan president end the disproportionate response nor apologize himself for the actions of his countrymen, instead, he doubles down on the apology.  Just more evidence of the "blame America first" worldview of Liberals.
    • He presents a budget that's a complete joke and that adds another $1.2T of debt.
    Either the American people are going to wake up and turn these bums out in November, or we are headed toward the eventual break up of the American experiment.

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