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    Monday, December 30, 2013

    Obamacare to kill small biz next

    Just returned from my eye doctor and he's one of these small businesses who extended their plans discussed in this NBC report (
    Workers at auto dealership come face to face with Obamacare trade-offs).

    They won't be impacted until 2014, like many of us in the employer provided market.

    As many of us on the Right told you,  Obamacare would result in increased costs for most, and worse coverage for nearly everyone already covered.

    That is exactly what is happening to those in the individual market and those in the small group market.  Yes, there will be "winners" amongst the previously uninsured and underinsured, at the low end of the spectrum, due to subsidies.  The problem is that people who had health insurance, the vast majority of whom liked their plans and doctors, are being displaced.

    We told you so.

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