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    Tuesday, December 31, 2013

    Talking Points are not bad, I conclude.

    Because I have taken a take-no-prisoners approach to political debate on Facebook, it has been suggested that all I post is right-wing talking points, and, as such, these are not worthy of debate.

    Which brings me to this question.
    What's wrong with talking points?

    I mean, politicos like them so much there is a left wing website named after them (the liberal Talking Points Memo, or tpm.com).

    They are so useful that when Susan Rice was going around lying about Benghazi, she proudly declared that her talking points had been prepared by the State Department, and she really didn't know anything about them (note to future Dem voters, this is why Susan got this task, because Hillary wouldn't be able to claim the same thing).

    We all know they clutter vthe fax machines of liberals and conservatives alike.

    Heck, I'll admit it, I get about 10 email "newsletters" from various conservative organizations and writers, and more than a handful from military-friendly organizations, plus, I check Drudge multiple times a day for news.  It's basically his "talking points."

    So, what's wrong with talking points?  They're basically the PowerPoint view of the world, and all those newsletters I get include links to much more background information about the subject than you are getting in your standard, MSM-fed 90 second news report.

    So, I say talking points! Bring them on!

    Besides, if all I am is a TP spewer, wouldn't debating such an ill-prepared and stupid man be easy? 

    Because I knew you'd ask, here are some good places for your daily talking points:

    - Jim Gerety's daily newsletter from National Review Online - always topical, always funny, always filled with links to fun stuff.
    - Jonah Goldberg's weekly G-File.  Ok, it's not daily, but it is always funny. And in a world of humorless lefties who can't laughter at themselves (and think I'm always serious, too), it's a necessity.
    - Defense News' Early Bird - a necessity for those who work in, or care about, national defense.  Military Times does one, too (may be same content).
    - The Daily Caller has a daily blast which is sometimes useful, and also pithy.  

    I also get some private mailings (these are defense related) that are very specific, but if you're on the right, you might sign up for Erik Erickson's daily RedState briefing.  I find I disagree with the Tea party faction on tactics, but we're together in philosophy, so, good to know what your brethren are thinking.

    From the MSM, there's nothing I want to know, although I get a NYTimes daily email.  It's boring, though, as it's not all politics.

    Oh, and I have google alerts for things work related. That's something you should consider.

    Ok.  The end.

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