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    Tuesday, November 8, 2016

    Dems to Their Angry Voters - Take This Establishment Hack and Like It

    It's election day.

    Voters are angry, and how angry they are will determine what happens today.

    I would like my liberal friends (and enemies) to consider how each party treated their angry element.

    The GOP listened (of a fashion) and allowed the angry partisans to coalesce behind the candidate who best diagnosed their problem, Donald Trump.

    He's imperfect, but he has voiced the concerns of many in the GOP's orbit.  The beast within the GOP is being fed.

    In contrast, the Dems had Bernie Sanders with a very energized based, voicing many of the same concerns as the GOP's disaffected voters.

    What did the Dems do?

    As we've seen from Wikileaks, the Clinton machine put their finger on the scales and rigged (yes, rigged) the Dem primaries to ensure a Bernie loss.  This time, Hillary would not be denied the nomination.

    Then, they told those Bernie voters to get in line, and take this Establishment Hag and like it.

    Basically, they gave them the finger.

    The angry GOP voters are going to go for Trump.

    Will they be enough.

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    Anonymous said...

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    Found you when I saw your review of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades on Amazon. Really liked your review.