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    Saturday, November 12, 2016

    My Agenda For Trump

    Some things I am looking forward to with Trump and a GOP Congress:

    1. A return to regular order in the House and Senate
    2. Cancelling all of Obama's executive overreaches
    3. Supreme Court Judge Ted Cruz
    4. More Ships! Especially submarines
    5. Fracking expanded in states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York.
    6. Tearing up the Iran "deal"
    7. Release of drilling on government owned land
    8. Opting out of the Climate "Deals" with China, and the Paris agreement
    9. Shifting $500M of PPfA money to real womens health organizations or eliminating it altogether
    Longer Term:
    1. Ending Obamacare and actually getting affordable health care (like Trump, the 26 year olds on parents plans can stay, or maybe lower it to 24, and the pre-existing conditions clause needs to be worked out so that it's fair to people without driving costs through the roof - another debate, perhaps)
    2. Securing the border (with a physical wall, where appropriate), ending Visa Overstays, reforming the H1B scam program; then reforming the LEGAL immigration system, and return to a quota system, vice chain migration
    3. A defense build up that signals the Chinese, Russians, and Iranians that we're serious about ending their attempts at global/regional hegemony. Reaffirming our support for the one true western democracy in the Middle East and supporting reform efforts in egypt and Iraq and any other ME country that wants to secularize
    4. Mark Cuban going away
    5. Chelsea Clinton in the House (seriously, don't we always need a Clinton around to remind us of what real corruption looks like)

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