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    Thursday, April 10, 2008

    Carly Smithson lives to sing another day...

    Carly Smithson has replaced Kristy Lee Cook as the new cat with nine lives. Tonight, she joined Syesha Mercado (also a perennial cellar dweller) in the basement of American Idol, but, Michael Johns also joined them there, and, behold, Michael is out of here.

    Dialidol's busy signal index didn't have Michael in the bottom 3 (he was in the bottom 4), but, you can check dialidol's raw numbers and see a different story. In that index, he was next to last (barely outpacing Syesha). Interestingly, Carly was number one in raw votes, but has a very low busy percentage. There are multiple ways to interpret that - the most obvious is that dialidol's voters really prefer Carly, and perhaps, because of the way the software works, since she has less busy signals, dialidol Carly voters have an easier time getting through. Or, perhaps it indicates that the competition is rigged? Don't know, but if dialidol's busy calculations are off, she shouldn't be appearing in the bottom 3 so much. And, I don't think AI producers want her in the bottom 3, so I don't think they're staging that, as much as they have pimped her this season.

    The raw numbers for Syesha and Michael, coupled with the busy percentages, tend to support them being in the bottom 3, so, it really should come as no surprise that Michael was in the bottom 3, or that he was voted off. The person looking at these who really needs to worry is Syesha. My prediction is that, barring a Kristy Lee Cook collapse next week, we will see the end of the line for Syesha.

    So, goodbye Michael, one more foreigner to go...

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