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    Wednesday, April 9, 2008

    Quick Final 8 Idol Recap

    I realize it's a day late, but, with Idol Gives Back tonight, thought I'd give my recap of Tuesday night's final 8 idolists. None of them blew me away, but some disappointed:

    The best:
    1. David Archuleta - solid performance. Probably the best of the night.
    2. Kristy Lee Cook - getting better every week. If Kristy can keep it up, she could make the final 4. What a shock that would be! I won't mind seeing her some more til then...
    The Average:
    1. Brooke White - just an ok performance, not bad, not great, like Simon said, "Pleasant."
    2. Jason Castro - I thought he was ok, too, not the awesomeness that Randy saw. He bores me.
    3. Michael Johns - I liked it, but, dude, don't come out doing a rock song with that gay scarf on. Yechhhhh.

    The Worst:
    1. David Cook - hard to put him in this list, but, I didn't know the song, and I couldn't understand the words. Was he sick? Is he getting too big for his head?
    2. Carly Smithson - I can finally say what I have been wanting to say about her the whole show - AWFUL! Truly awful.
    3. Syesha Mercado - Ok, if she doesn't stop with the Whitney, Celine, and now Fantasia songs, Simon is going to singlehandedly kick her off.
    Could we be surprised, pleasantly, and see Carly head home tomorrow? I hope so. Dialidol tells me so, too.


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