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    Sunday, April 27, 2008

    Carly, we knew ya, and we really didn't like you...

    I realize the Idol posts have been few and far between lately. Hey, I've been busy, trying to join the likes of Warren Buffett and all that.

    Anyway, yes, I watched Tuesday night's episode and both the Little Princess and I were certain that our pal Brooke was in trouble. But, since Kristy exited, and likely gave most of her votes to Brooke, that really meant it was probably curtains for Carly or Syesha.

    So, it is no surprise that these two found their way to the bottom two. And, I know I predicted that Carly would only make the final eight, but, 6 is pretty close. Here's what has to really bother Syesha - that she had one of her best performances and was still next to last. Next week, she's gone, and we'll be down to the final four:

    1. David Cook
    2. David Archuleta
    3. Brooke White
    4. Jason Castro

    I don't know if I ever posted this, but if you had asked me two months ago for a final four, I would have the first three here were a lock, with really perhaps back in those days, I would have expected better from Michael Johns. But, Jason Castro , like Brooke, has a unique sound that I think appeals commercially. Neither will win, but they could have nice little careers (I think Castro's will be short, but Brooke could make hers go 2-3 albums).

    We shall see this week.

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