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    Sunday, July 6, 2008

    Georgia Senate Race - Jim Martin on Environment

    Jim Martin is a democrat running for the Georgia U.S. Senate seat held by Saxby Chambliss. From his commercials and web site, he seems to be running a traditional Anti-Bush, left-wing candidacy, which is probably why the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has endorsed him.

    Anyway, you can see his view on energy policy here (pretty much standard Dem fare), and if my reply is not approved, you can read it here:

    "Can you provide some comparison statistics for how many windmills and what would have to happen to replace the energy produced by a single coal powered plant with wind-energy? What will this do to the aesthetics on the Georgia coastline?

    You mention NOTHING about nuclear power in this piece, which is the greenest, most efficient way to bring power to homes, and minimize greenhouse gases. What is your policy on this technology? If you are confident that we can replace power from fossil fuels with renewables, are you now also confident that we can generate power from nuclear efficiently, and safely?

    You claim in a recent commercial that oil companies are "gouging" Americans and that you will end this? Where is your evidence that price gouging is even occuring by oil companies? When state and local governments take over $0.45 from each gallon of gas, while oil companies may take $0.30, who is doing the gouging? What abotu producers, largely located in nations generally unfriendly to us? I find it disconcerting that an industry that provides (already) good, high-paying jobs is demonized, while our "friends" in the Middle East, Venezuela, and elsewhere, get a pass from you. Meanwhile, you tout biofuels, who's increased production is leading to massively higher food costs, famine, and actually even more greenhouse gases, as some kind of wonderful green nirvana.

    Mr. Martin- you have the opportunity, particularly as a Democrat in Georgia, to carve a niche for yourself that differs from the standard Pelosi-Reid party line. It's a shame that you won't take the chance to prove that you have your own brain."


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