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    Monday, July 28, 2008

    Kilo replacement continues to struggle

    The Russian's follow-up to the Kilo class, the Lada, has been undergoing sea trials for over two years now, with no firm delivery dates yet.

    Ladas are:
    • Intended for ASUW and ASW (we'll see about that) as well as naval reconnaissance.
    • Significantly quieter than Kilos using anechoic tiles and a skewed propeller. Interior machinery is sound silenced.
    • Equipped with a towed array.
    • Armed, like the Kilos, with six 533mm torpedo tubes, with 18 torpedoes and/or missiles carried.
    • They displace 1,750 tons surfaced and are 220 feet long with a crew of 38.
    • Capable of submerged cruise at a top speed of about 24 knots with a max operating depth around 800 feet.
    • Capable of a max range of 6,000 miles (snorkeling) or about 300 miles submerged on batteries.
    • Going to have an electronic periscope with night vision capability and a laser range finder.
    • Designed to accept an AIP (air independent propulsion) system, but are not fitted with one as of yet.
    • Married with a less complex version, the Amur, being offered for export.
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