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    Sunday, August 16, 2009

    Big Brother - Reality TV Update

    It's no secret that we are big Reality TV fans in our house. We don't watch every show, but, American Idol, Survivor, The Amazing Race, The Apprentice, and Big Brother always have a faithful audience at our house.

    We've only recently (3 seasons?) started watching Big Brother, so we don't know a lot of the history of the show.

    This week, though, in BB11, CBS announced that one of the "houseguests," Chima, was evicted for rules violations.

    If you haven't stumbled onto this news yet, and you're a BB11 fan, maybe CBS will enlighten us tonight on what exactly happened. Since BB is broadcast over the Internet to (paying) subscribers 24/7, and runs for 3 hours every night (from 12AM-3AM Eastern) on Showtime 2, many people have seen what's going on in the House that we don't get in the primetime shows.

    It would appear that Chima was extremely abusive and downright rude to the other houseguests, and that Thursday night (I think), she went nuts, after another houseguest used a power that was part of the game ("Coup d'Etat) to change nominations for eviction that Chima had made in her role as Head of Household, and when Chima herself was nominated for eviction. She becamse abusive to the producers of the show and refused to wear her microphone, in fact, she threw it into the BB hot tub and ruined it.

    Anyway, whether she left of her own accord, or was asked to leave, she's gone.

    My view - she was a rude, arrogant woman with a huge chip on her shoulder, and the producers tired of her act. Her exit may have been more mutual than one-sided, but she needs to learn something from this exercise about respect for others.

    Chima composed an email, supposedly, here to the BB Examiner web site.



    gatz said...

    You can Watch Big Brother Online to know more about the show and to see its initial seasons.

    Ann Cook said...

    Chima was out of control. I think Jeff and Michelle are the best players. I think one of them should win.