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    Tuesday, August 18, 2009

    Southwest not coming to Atlanta after all

    Because Southwest would not revise its offer for Frontier due to provisions regarding pilot seniority and merging the lists, Republic Airways won Frontier in bankruptcy court, for about $60M less than Southwest was offering.  Read more here.
    In other Atlanta aviation news, Airtran is swapping slots at Newark for slots at National Airport and Laguardia.  The net result - no more Airtran flights to Newark.  Want to go on Airtran to NYC, you must go to Laguardia.  You'll get more flights to National and to LGA, though.

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    SonarMan said...

    I hate airlines. I used to be able to go non-stop from Providence to Tampa. Not any more. The only airline offering that is SW, and I don't have a FFP with them.

    They cram you in, like cattle. Also, the seats are uncomfortable. Because I'm short, the seats are too long and they hurt the back of my knees. I always try to get an aisle seat because I don't like having to do acrobatics to get past the other folks in my aisle to go to the restroom.