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    Tuesday, August 25, 2009

    Why Hate Crime Legislation Should be Opposed

    Since nearly most crimes involve some kind of "hatred" I have never felt there was a specific need for "hate" crimes legislation.

    In passing these types of laws, our lawmakers are elevating certain victims to a higher status than others, therefore making a mockery of "all men are created equal."

    While liberal politicians pass these off as applying equally when they are pitching them to the electorate, they are rarely applied equally in practice, regardless of how heinous the crime, nor how obvious the "hatred."

    Furthermore, for most people prosecuted under hate crimes statutes, they usually would have received the same punishment under existing statutes. So, hate crimes legislation does little other than offer DA's an opportunity to grandstand and favored groups an opportunity to decry the hatred of some vile group (more often than not - that reviled group is some form of white, racist, homophobic redneck).

    Anyway, because of the favored status of certain groups, these laws tend to diminish truly horrific crimes.

    I wanted a maximum audience to read about a particularly horrific crime. A crime that is truly borne of hate, but, because it was not committed against one of the Left's favored interest groups, it will never receive any media attention beyond the locality where it occurred.

    I pondered cutting and pasting the details here, but, they are so horrific, I don't want anyone who isn't forewarned to read them.

    For all of you who have children between the ages of 16-24 especially (or will have them), this story will make you sick, and hopefully, make you mad as well.

    Link here, but you were warned.


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    blunoz said...

    That was a very well written post. The linked article was stunning, although I sadly do not find it surprising.