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    Tuesday, April 5, 2011

    Koran Burning

    The Florida preacher decides to go ahead with the Koran burning and a bunch of Islamist nuts decide to use it as an excuse to murder.

    General Petraeus says this was unnecessarily provocative and places our troops at risk. I can understand his position here since it is unnecessary. To truly show the nature of Islam, I have said before that we should be READING the Koran not burning it.

    But, the general needs to also understand he took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States, and preeminent in that is the first amendment where we give special protections to speech. Specifically political speech, which, if you are being critical of Islam, you are exercising. Islam can not be separated as a religion and ideology. They are two parts of the whole.

    General Petraeus would be wise to remember that many of us who served and continue to serve pledged to defend the Constitution and the right of idiots to exercise their freedom to be, well, idiots.

    What we should NOT be doing is bending over to please a two bit corruptocrat (Karzai) who wants us to apologize for some nut desecrating their "holy" book. Nor should Congress be passing laws forbidding the burning of Korans or any other religious text. Like that kind if stuff, go to Saudi Arabia.

    Anyway, Sean Hannity needs to shut up over this.

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