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    Monday, April 25, 2011


    Donald Trump is sucking all the current air out of the 2012 Presidential Race these days.

    Bottom Line Up Front:  Trump is using this to promote his current Celebrity Apprentice run and himself.  With Trump, it's all about Trump.  He's not going to run for President.

    But, because everyone else is doing it, let's play a mind game and pretend that Trump is serious.  After all, Dick Morris thinks he is. And I love Dick Morris.

    Dick thinks Trump makes it to a final two against either Michelle Bachmann or Newt Gingrich, and that he will bring new voters to the GOP fold.  I may agree with that, and would find that a good thing, and the assurance of GOP victory in 2012, which is looking even more possible, as gas prices rise (with the Emperor Obama doing nothing to stop them), and Obama's popularity plummetting to Bushian levels.

    I like Trump.  He's not a conservative in the traditional sense, but, like many ambivalent Independents, and social Democrats, he's sick of the fiscal irresponsibility that the Obama administration has foisted upon us. He's seen as a strong leader who won't take any crap from anyone, and that is certainly not something the current president is doing.  People like that.

    For you Dems who pass by this space, I want you to understand two things:

    1. Obama is a far-Left ideologue, who thinks it is his mission to radically reconfigure the United States as a left-wing paradise, run by the super-intelligentsia, represented by Obama.  He has none of the blind ambition of a Bill Clinton, but he's imbued with the arrogance of Woodrow Wilson.
    2. You could tax every person making over $100k every penny above $100k and you wouldn't even pay off the deficit for this year.  So, the class warfare card sounds appealing, but it's not the problem.
    Back to Trump.  He could bring even more of those fiscally conservative Independents and Democrats into the GOP fold, even if not the nominee.  For that, the GOP would be eternally grateful.  The danger is that he loses the GOP nomination in a close race, and then decides that he's the answer to Obama, and runs as an Independent, assuring Obama's victory.

    But, I don't think he's in it.

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