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    Friday, April 1, 2011

    On a happier note...Idol

    I haven't been religious about Idol blogging.  Honestly, I have been so time late watching them, there seemed little point in recapping.

    I spoke to my mother, who is one of the people still watching this, and we discussed these points:

    • Is there anyone Steven Tyler doesn't like?
    • The quality of contestants is decidedly better this year.
    • We agreed that the 2 to go this week deserved it, and Thia Meghia should have waited a year.
    • Paul's annoying.  Ok, mom didn't exactly agree with that, but I think he's annoying and should be next to go.
    On things we didn't talk about, now that we're down to the final 9, I don't think there's a clear favorite yet, but, I think Pia, Lauren, James, Scotty, Casey, and Jacob are probably the final 5.  The loss of 2 girls this week helps the remaining women.  More random Idol thoughts:

    • Haley and Paul are probably the next to go.  I agreed that Haley's performance was her best (it was not THE best of the night, that went to Pia or Lauren), and may save her for a couple of weeks.  If she can combine that raspy voice with some sexy clothing, she may be able to milk her way past Paul and Stefano and maybe Casey and get into the final 6.
    • I know James has Tourette's and all that great story, but his shtick and the tics are starting to annoy me.
    • Stefano is a good singer, but, haven't we seen this guy on Idol, oh, 10 times before?  And the eyes closed thing?  Scary.
    • Yes, Lauren is very young, so maybe I am encroaching into creepiness here (it's probably legal in Georgia, though), but, if she makes it far and gets an actual country music gig, hopefully someone will introduce her to Nutri-System.  Hey, it worked for Carrie Underwood, who you may recall being a little chunky.  Or, she could go the Kelly Clarkson route and just eat her way to stardom (laughing all the way).
    • I think Scotty's lying about his age.
    • Jacob is starting to annoy me, too.  But, he's got a spot on Glee (not that there's anything wrong with that).
    • Casey.  I like him with the trimmed beard.  He's becoming a bit of a drama queen, though.  Just get over it Casey.  You didn't deserve to be kicked off, the judges rightfully used their save.
    • If anyone still thinks the results aren't fixed, well, come on...

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