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    Saturday, May 17, 2008

    Acitivity on the export submarine front...

    Jane's (extract available) reports that "four of Europe's leading submarine design houses have now all sought to craft compact, highly automated 'entry-level' submarine concepts specifically engineered to reduce capital cost and support overhead and manning requirements. As well as appealing to navies looking to acquire a submarine capability for the first time, the rival contractors are also eyeing nations that may be looking to recapitalise their existing submarine arms."

    This is all because "The modern non-nuclear submarine is acknowledged to be a highly potent sea denial and intelligence gathering asset and, in the right hands, a very challenging adversary for even the best-equipped anti-submarine warfare (ASW) forces."

    An example Jane's uses is the SMX-23, from French builder DCNS. It's a 900 ton, 18-person, coastal defense submarine that will only set back the buyer about $300M. The French are also offering the Marlin, an update to the Scorpene, while the Spanish are busy rolling out the S80.

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